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Video Calling: A New Normal To Your Jewellery Business

Integrating video calling into your business just got more interesting – and important. Read on to find out how.

Digital jewellery business

Change is in the air

While we may all be returning to our workplaces from the comfort of our work from home routines, there is no denying the fact that communication will never be the same again. In a study conducted by the video conferencing platform Zoom, analysts have proven that hybrid working models (a combination of online and offline communication), are here to stay indefinitely.

Why are we talking about hybrid communication? The entire world, including businesses, industry and academia have come to terms with it, adopting video conferencing and video calling mechanisms to amplify their outreach. 

In this blog, we discuss how far video calling can take jewellery businesses, and some easy-to-use video calling platforms, specially curated for jewellers.

Building Trust

When technology first came knocking on our doors, we didn’t trust it as much. Many of us thought that the internet was going to lessen the time we spend with our family and drive wedges among friends. Remarkably, the internet brought the entire world closer, especially during the lockdown. Video calls not only allowed us to check up on our isolated loved ones but also kept us sane. That rapport has helped the world get used to online meetings, online classes and online workplaces. More importantly, it proved that going to the office every day isn’t that necessary to keep businesses functional. 

Multiplying your Reach

Brick and mortar stores are great. They allow buyers to get accommodated with the aesthetic and feel of a business. It’s like inviting someone to your home – it’s personal, it’s private, and it allows you to host your guest in the best possible manner and leave a lasting impression.

However, video calling allows your business to reach not just your neighbors and immediate neighborhoods, but people from different cities and even continents. It pushes the boundaries of your business to the corners of the global village, allowing your business to find new customers and truly thrive. Not just that, it will also allow customers to browse your offering from the comfort of their homes, especially ones who do not have time to reach your store in person. Video calls can help them browse their preferences, select products over a video call and book the desired jewellery pieces. This is much easier to do with the regular customers who already have faith in the brand, however, once people get familiar with this concept, it would be easier to acquire new customers through video calls as well.

Introduce video calling to your business

Major players in the jewellery business have already adopted technologies like video calling, Augmented Reality and virtual jewellery try-ons to meet their customers in the middle. 

Innovators have taken the concept of video calling a step further– you can now allow your buyers to try-on your entire inventory over group video calls, giving them the feel of the jewellery while enjoying the experience with their loved ones! AR-powered video calling features not only allow you to connect with your existing customers but also serve as an interesting marketing tool to attract potential customers.

In a digital era, persuaded by a pandemic, video calling enriches your business and also showcases your eagerness to change with the times. Looking to integrate video calling into your jewellery business? We can help

Take a step into the future of your jewellery business. Welcome to Plushvie!

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