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Jewellery Advertising Ideas To Attract Your Target Audience

Looking for new and exciting ways to advertise your jewellery? We list down a few tips to get you going. Scroll down to read!

We’ve said this before and we’re telling you again – jewellery is timeless. And we’re not just saying that – the jewellery industry is constantly on the rise. It had an estimated value of $230 billion in 2020 and is now projected to go up to $292 billion by 2025. 

So how do jewellery businesses get in on the share of the market? You can now promote your jewellery with the right marketing tools, strategies, and ideas that will secure a larger share of the market, even with a fixed marketing budget!

Here are the best jewellery marketing ideas to grow your business:

  1. Create a Story, not an advertisement

According to a Harvard Business School study, 95% of purchasing decisions are made in the subconscious mind. Tying emotion to a brand or an item has proven to increase sales for many businesses. 

We’ve already discussed why shopping for jewellery is not quite a practical decision that buyers make, but an experience they want to be a part of. Jewellery is not a necessity, and convincing a person to buy a luxury product often comes down to showing them why they’re buying the jewellery. A compelling brand story can generate brand loyalty, and creating a product story can motivate a customer to purchase.

  1. Use AR-powered Virtual Jewellery try-ons

Augmented Reality (AR) is making all the waves right now, and for all the right reasons! First popularised by Pokemon Go, AR allows your buyers to try your jewellery online before purchasing, while also showing your existing and potential customers that you’re a store that is changing with the times! 

AR-powered virtual jewellery try-ons are easy to integrate. Power up your store with AR today!

  1. Create online contests & Giveaways

Everyone loves getting something for free, and it’s a way to market the jewellery business that mostly costs you just time and a single piece of jewellery. An online giveaway or contest includes rules you have to follow based on the social media platforms you want to use, so be sure you read through any requirements before you launch a contest.

First, you need to figure out what you want to get out of your giveaway or contest. You can use this marketing tactic to get more site visitors, more followers on social media, exposure on a platform you’re new to, sales, or possibly just brand awareness. Create a plan for the launch, graphics for the giveaway, and a budget for advertising.

  1. Use social media ads & email marketing to find a new audience

Did you know – more than 200 million Indians are Instagram users? Placing ads on social media platforms can help you find new audiences. These ads pop up as users scroll through posts from friends or pages they’ve liked. The ads are targeted and placed based on a user’s browsing habits, interests, what they “like” on the platform, and a wide variety of demographics ranging from location, gender, and age to job title.

Not just ads, you can even invite people to check out your store through emails and interactive newsletters! You can send these out to your existing users and ask them to rate their shopping experience or even write product reviews. This not just helps you keep them engaged post-purchase but lends credibility to your brand.

  1. Use Instagram & Pinterest to showcase your jewellery items

Jewellery is a visual art form – therefore, it is important that you let that show in your social media marketing. Instagram and Pinterest happen to be the most popular image-sharing platforms, and can help you attract an audience!

The coolest thing about both these platforms is that users often search for specific items using hashtags and keywords that enable them to discover items that they didn’t even know they wanted. They might ‘pin’ your photographs on their boards for inspiration or discover your brand and purchase from you, depending on how you display your jewellery on your social media.

In order to create an eye-catching brand persona on social media, you will need good graphics and high-resolution photographs and post them with the right keywords and hashtags. For example, if your jewellery store offers a virtual Tryon feature, you can use keywords like “AR-powered jewellery Try-on” or “virtual jewellery try-on”.

  1. Invest in high-resolution photography

It may be a cliche, but first impressions matter! How you decide to showcase your inventory on social media and other platforms can make all the difference. Therefore, it is important that you do justice to your sparkling inventory. What’s more, you can do so without any fancy cameras, by just putting your smartphone camera to use! We have a detailed how-to-use guide, just for that purpose. 

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