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If you are reading this article, you are thinking about e-commerce for your retail business, Right?

Let us congratulate you on your decision. The journey will be challenging yet quite rewarding. We have been walking the same road for more than 3 years. We have made many mistakes and we want you to avoid them. 

This book is a summary of all the pitfalls and mistakes we encountered throughout the journey. We fell, we got ourselves injured, we slowed down and we learnt. We started again and worked hard to conquer all the challenges. 

Not only the mistakes but the most relevant solutions are also enlisted in this e-book. In our opinion, it is not just an ebook, it is a ready reckoner for everyone who wants to venture into jewellery e-commerce. 

  • How to avoid the MAGIC WAND syndrome? 
  • What is the Spray and Pray Approach? 
  • How to decide whether to outsource or make things in-house? 
  • How to make sure our resources are well utilised? 

All these questions have been answered in this short but impactful e-book. 

These experiences are the unspoken lessons we learned from our biggest mistakes. With this e-guide, our goal is to provide you with an insight into the potential of online jewellery retail in the coming future. 

We hope our e-guide helps you grow your jewellery e-commerce business. 

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