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5 Instagram mistakes you should avoid

Today when we speak about social media marketing platforms, Instagram comes on top of our minds every time. This is because of the popularity that Instagram has since its creation is phenomenal.

Instagram, widely used for sharing photos, videos & of course social media browsing, has now become an absolute goldmine for business for all shapes & sizes.

There are a large number of influencers on the gram today who have massive followings & the right plan in their mind which can be of great help to your business these days. All you need is the right type of fresh & engaging content to stay relevant to the current followers & also to bring in new followers to your page

5 Instagram mistakes we should avoid, which might be creating hindrance in your business.

1) Inactive or Less active: It is important to understand that less engagement on your part is less engagement on your follower’s part too. Instagram is such a platform where you can connect to your target audience by sharing relevant content. Having said that, it’s equally important to understand that following irrelevant companies or people just for the sake of connection will do no good. Instead, it may make your profile look cluttered & unprofessional. It is a business account after all.

2) Scrap & Junk: We all know very well that it takes split seconds for your audience to click the unfollow button thus, be very careful about the content you are posting & also the timing of your posts. Do not post for the sake of posting. Instead, plan strategically i.e. post once a day or once every 3 days & make sure that the content is fresh & engaging from your audience’s point of view.

3) Low resolution & bad quality: Well the sole purpose of insta is to post pictures to gain followers & if your profile only does not look classy or professional then your followers might never get converted into an actual lead. A low-quality photo or bad filtered photo will only make your followers drive elsewhere.

4) Hashtag is the key: Hashtag is a great tool to grow your business. Through hashtags, your audience can find you easily & much faster. Using relevant hashtags will help your consumers to understand what product you are selling & what your business is all about. For whatever you are marketing, clever & catchy hashtags will be the key to your business success.

5) Unappealing Insta bio: Having a bad biography can tarnish your brand’s image to another level. When someone finds you, the very first thing they see or focus on is the bio you have provided & if that is only not up to the mark then it may drive your follower to some other page or even your competitor profile. Also, make sure you always add a link in your bio. Link maybe of your website or from where you consumers can contact you. A bad bio can misrepresent your company & drive your audience away.

Instagram is currently dominating the social media world & it has become the go-to platform for sharing content & generating business. Make sure you are not making these mistakes when using Instagram to market your business as they can be costing you your reputation. Respond to your followers, engage with other accounts & of course promote your business as much as possible.

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