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How To Photograph Jewellery With Smartphones?

First impressions matter! Read how to showcase your inventory better.

Nobody wants to admit it but let’s be honest – first impressions can make all the difference. So when it comes to jewellery, why not show off the beauty of your exquisite inventory? After all, it’s only fair that you let your buyers see for themselves, the design that you craft for them!

​​Taking photos of your handmade jewellery may look like an easy task, but it can take a lot of patience and practice to get that one perfect shot. Thanks to evolving technology, you don’t need a DSLR camera to click beautiful pictures. With some added equipment, your phone camera can give you the same precision and brilliance as a professional camera, while also proving to be a brilliant budget-friendly alternative.

Let’s take a look at how you can bring the best out of your jewellery. After all, beauty lies in the focus of the photographer!

  1. Stability is important!

A lot of smartphones have a stability feature to prevent shaky photos. If your phone doesn’t, or if you have an unsteady hand, we recommend you buy a small tripod. They do not cost much and allow you to click photos with better precision. Not just that, tripods also come in handy if you want to take videos/photos of yourself on a timer!

  1. Make hay while the sun shines

Or in less dramatic words – make use of the natural lighting. There is a reason people like to sit by their windows during their Zoom meetings – it provides ample light to brighten the object in focus, effortlessly. This is also good if your budget doesn’t allow you to invest in a lightbox or additional lighting. However, make sure to take your photos in diffused sunlight and avoid the direct sun.

Pro tip: Avoid using your phone flash. Chances are, the flashlight will reflect off your jewellery and ruin your photo.

  1. Keep your jewellery polished

Always make sure your jewellery is free from dust, hairs, scratches or dirt as this can be hard to see with the naked eye but can stand out in a photo.

  1. The Devil is in the details

Every jewellery is made unique by the craft that you put in its intricate design. Make sure that you portray the same in your photographs! Remember, people don’t just buy jewellery, they look for themselves – they look for an object that will signify their special occasion for years to come. Therefore, make sure that you do justice to the hard work and creativity that you put into designing your inventory!

To make sure that you capture the details, use a Macro Lens. These are easy to attach to your phone camera and provide you with an optical zoom that preserves the quality of the photo.

  1. Aesthetics are important too!

Your jewellery is the model of the photographs, but to capture a perfect photograph, you need to ensure that your photography canvas isn’t blank. Avoid putting too many props in the photo which may take the focus away from your jewellery. Keep it minimal. Use smooth marble or wooden surfaces to create an aesthetic. Once you become more confident in the photos you’re taking, you can experiment with different backgrounds.

Like we said – first impressions can go a long way in helping you create a unique brand perception. Photographing jewellery may not look like it’s important, but it gives your brand a unique aesthetic. Plus, in an ever-increasing world of photo-sharing, visuals can make all the difference. So go ahead, show your artistic photography side and let your jewellery speak for itself!

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