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Best jewellery e-commerce website designs

Every jeweller is looking for new ways to stand out from the competition. 29million people around the world purchase jewellery daily. These stats reflect what could be potential customers for your future store. The jewellery industry continues to grow, especially when it comes to selling online. Statista shows that in  2020, the global luxury jewellery market amounted to about 18 billion euros. The lion’s share of the jewellery and watch market revenue is attributed to China, followed by the United States, Japan and India. The value of the jewellery market is expected to increase from about 230 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 to about 292 billion dollars by 2025.

Building an e-commerce jewellery website that looks trustworthy is not easy. One needs to make sure that people believe in what they see & for that, it is requisite to pay attention to every minute detail of the jewellery e-commerce website. 

We have curated few important points that one can keep in mind while they begin to build their jewellery e-commerce website:

  1. Neat & Clean UI: A neat & well-thought user interface grabs visitors attention & increases their session on your website. If the website is complex and confusing, your potential customers will most likely leave before even trying to visit the different pages of the website. The jewellery website should be well-performing, user friendly & essentially have a clean design with an elegant overall look & feel.
  2. The homepage is everything: The home page of the jewellery e-commerce website is of utmost importance in every essence. This is true because the homepage creates the first impression on the visitor & if the homepage is not appealing or unattractive, then the chances of increasing bounce rate on the website are more. Don’t make the jewellery e-commerce homepage common & just like another e-commerce website. It’s a jewellery website, after all, you have got to make it charming, elegant, fascinating, eye-grabbing & so appealing that one can not leave without looking further. Put appealing videos on the homepage, Include animation, 3d effects & transition, do anything but make it worthwhile.
  3. Page loading time: If you put large & multiple videos on your home page & several other pages of the website, then the chances are it will increase your page loading time. This can again be a problem & ultimately result in an increased bounce rate. Thus, make it a point that whatever you do, the page loading time does not increase. Two seconds is the threshold for e-commerce website acceptability.
  4. High-quality photos: It’s a jewellery website, high-quality photos goes without mentioning. The background of the jewellery photos should match the overall colour palette of your website. Put a background that helps you emphasize the intricate details of each jewellery piece. Upload multiple images of the same jewellery to provide different angles to the visitor.
  5. About Us Page: Shopping for jewellery is a very personal experience – it is often bought as a gift or for special occasions such as weddings. For that reason, sharing your brand’s story on an About Us page can help you establish a connection with the customer and build trust. Before your customer makes a buying decision, they will want to know who is behind your e-store: Is it a family business? Does it have a long tradition? What makes it different from the other stores? Make sure to provide as much info as possible about your e-commerce store and the people behind the brand.
  6. Terms & Conditions page: Shopping for jewellery online includes a certain type of risk & in that essence terms and conditions page is a very important element of your website. Customers want to be sure they can exchange or return a piece of jewellery they paid a substantial amount for. Make sure that all your Shipping, Returns, Billing, Insurance, and Exchange Terms and Conditions are visible and easy to understand.

Here is a  list of a few best jewellery e-commerce website designs that we loved

1. Rohira Jaipur: Rohira is an affordable line of jewellery from the house of Sunita Shekhawat. With layers of traditional lore interwoven with modern ethos, Rohira is a story deeply rooted in the desert state of Rajasthan. The dark colour theme of the website increases the overall look & feel of the website. Also, banners on the website grab a lot of attention and are rightly placed on the homepage. From the inside,  has a beautiful e-commerce jewellery website but it’s the banners & the background colour of the banners that make us stay on the website for a longer period.

2. Gharenu: Gharenu has one of the finest e-commerce jewellery websites. The light & dark theme of the website increases the beauty & glamour. Also, the animation & transition effects used at different places in the entire website makes the website outstanding from the rest. The interactions are great, the logo is eye-catchy & unique, the jewellery designs are something so different & special & most of all the colour theme & coordinated images put together makes the website captivating as well as fascinating. A must-visit website for anyone who wants to purchase jewellery online.

3. Charu Jewels: The very prominent jewellery store in Surat has an eye gazing & admirable e-commerce website. Starting from the opening sensational video to the attractive colour palette of the website & the user-friendly interactions makes the website appealing & outstanding. The content used to define jewellery is quite on point & noticeable for readers to get attracted to the website. Lastly, the intricate jewellery designs increase the overall appeal of the website.

4. Zoya – A Tata Product: Zoya is inspired by the boundless wonders of the world & every piece at Zoya is exclusively crafted jewellery. The photography of the jewellery pieces are marvellous & the banners are well placed on the website. The website is simple and clean with an easy user interface.


5. Aurus company of fine jewels: Well, the homepage says it all. Even before the user scrolls down, he/she will be impressed with the opening banners. They are charming & extravagant in their true sense. Even as one scroll up, the website doesn’t losses its charm. All the pages are quite elegant & a view to the eye of the visitor.

6. Hazoorilal Jewellers By Sandeep Narang: Hazoorilal jewellers has adopted a unique concept of providing a branding website different from its e-commerce website. The branding page is charming & attractive along with their e-commerce website that is equally charming. The logo is distinct & eye-catching. Overall the website provides a good feel & also takes less time in loading the website.

Building and maintaining a successful online jewellery store takes a lot of patience & hard work. A user-friendly website is a great place to begin, but the most important task is to show customers they can trust you & that you are transparent with them be it online or offline. Provide them with enough details about you, your brand & your jewellery pieces. Leverage your social media and testimonials to demonstrate how effective your service is. Provide them with efficient customer service to take any hesitation away. Every step you take towards improving your online business will increase your loyal customer base and, eventually, boost sales.

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