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PlushMeet: Turning your boring video calls into something Extraordinary

Do you also want to shop online through video calls but have fatigue issues?

We know right! But PLUSHMEET? PlushMeet is something different & extraordinary. Yes, you heard it right! PlushMeet, the all-new AR Video Shopping technology allows customers to not only shop over the video call but also provides them with the plush advantage of trying inside the video call before making an actual purchase.

Looking at different products through video calls may be helpful before making a purchase, but ever thought how amazing it could be if you also provide your customers with the “feel” of trying the product by letting them try virtually that too inside the video call itself. 

In many instances shopping through video calls does not guarantee you sales. consumers do show interest in the video call but eventually, they are of the opinion that they will come back to you or they will let you know about making a purchase. With PlushMeet one thing is for sure, your customers will not lose interest while shopping, in fact, it will be an interactive video shopping experience where consumers will not lose sight of your products & will love to try different products as much as possible. Note that, the customer retention rate can increase & there are high chances that your existing customers become a source of bringing in new customers. After all, we all know word of mouth is the best form of marketing to date.

We are here to help you make the best use of PlushMeet. There are so many things that one can do using PlushMeet, so we hand-picked a few of the best ones.

The Live TryOn Feels!

Through PlushMeet, The AR video shopping platform, shoppers can augment jewellery inside the video call itself & make an informed decision. Associates can use video calls to showcase full information about a particular product in real-time. 

The Right Kind of Adjustments! 

A buyer can adjust the augmented jewellery right, left, center through various adjustment buttons provided in the side panel. Additionally, the consumers can also resize the jewellery as per their needs & then see what exactly looks best on them & what size will be required by them.

The Moments to Capture! 

Well if all these features were not enough, here is one more, Capture the WOW moments of your video shopping! At a single click, you can capture pictures & then compare what suits the best to your style & appearance.

Chat & Share? Well Obviously, just like other meets you can have a live chat inside the video call with the associate in charge. Also, you can share your beautiful pictures with your friends & family & involve them in the decision-making process before making a purchase. 

Shopping behaviour is changing fast. Consumers are shopping online more and more than ever before. In such unprecedented times, buyers are looking for e-commerce websites that can provide them with an ultimate personalized experience. Now with time consumers have discovered that video shopping is the solution to their problems. 

If we look at the consumer’s point of view, it is not viable for them to go store to store to make a purchase. Times are unprecedented & technology is at its peak.

Thus, PLUSHMEET has everything the retailers & consumers can ask for. 

Plush Meet can be effectively utilized for many industries such as Eyewear, Makeup, Lipstick & Jewellery. This innovation can help the exponential growth of the retail business in India.

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