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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to embrace AR Video Shopping

What is the whole point of having a telephonic conversation? Or face-to-face meetings? To communicate with buyers, to maintain a relationship, to make them understand your product in a way that they end up buying? Or also to strengthen the existing customer relationship! 

But what if we say we have a better communication platform wherein you not only communicate with your client at their convenience place & time but also give them the ‘feel’ of trying the product virtually before making an actual purchase.

Sounds Interesting? We know right!

Introducing PlushMeet, The All-New Video Shopping Technology. Here, at PlushMeet retailers cannot only cater to their client through a video call but will also let your consumer tryon different products inside the video call itself.

Specially designed for jewellers & the gemstone industry at large,  PlushMeet is everything the Gen Z  retailers can ask for & if that is not enough Plushmeet also lets you adjust the augmentation of necklaces & earrings, making the entire experience very personalized as well as outstanding.

Reasons why we would want you to adopt AR Video Shopping ASAP?

  1. Video Shopping Is Engaging & Interactive 

Video shopping is a real game-changer. At PlushMeet participants are less apt to “zone out” or multitask, as they tend to be involved in trying different products virtually & do not lose sight of the product. This results in better consumer engagement & also a superior level of closeness with the customers.

  1. Shopping on video call Is As Good As Being There And Is More Efficient

Yes! You heard it right. We feel that with PlushMeet you can make your customer’s shopping experience even more efficient. It can be incredibly difficult for customers to walk in the store without any hesitation & also try different products every now & then. Through PlushMeet your customer can try numerous products inside the video call itself. Thus, it minimizes the risk of touch.

  1. Customers can shop at their convenience & at their comfort 

PlushMeet enables consumers to shop at their convenient time. This encourages customers to shop anytime & from anywhere. Sometimes people might avoid shopping because they might not get the time to travel to the store or might not want to get out of their comfort zone or their comfortable home. 

  1. PlushMeet will be a shopping preference for millennials 

For millennials, online shopping is the go-to. Whether it’s from the desktop or laptop computer, shopping from a mobile device, or just seeing an ad while scrolling social media, the ability to shop virtually that too inside the video call itself will help attract the younger generation. It is the era of millennials & Gen Z after all!

  1. PlushMeet will make your brand stand out of the competition 

Well Obviously! If you have PlushMeet, you will stand out from the competition. You will be able to cater to your clients in a totally different manner & customers will be more inclined to your brand as they will get a phenomenal experience like never before. PlushMeet will give your brand a chance to stand out from the crowd & serve your clients like never before.

Mind-Blowing Video Shopping Stats! 

  • The projected value of the global video conferencing market in 2021 is $6.03 billion. 
  • Up to 47% of video shopping users have reduced their travel costs. 
  • Video conferencing improves communication for 99% of people.
  • 51% see brands that use video conferencing as more innovative.

(Source: DigitalInTheRound)

Now is your time! 

AR Video Shopping is an important aspect of e-commerce already and becoming even more important as we move forward. Not only can customers more easily try online inside a video call itself but also make a safe purchase online. It’s a must for many brands in the e-commerce society today. 

Need further convincing on why your brand should embrace AR video shopping now? Read our latest blog How PlushMeet is turning your boring video calls into something Extraordinary

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