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AR Video Shopping future of Jewellery Retail

Shopping behaviour is changing fast. Consumers are shopping online more and more than ever before. In such unprecedented times, buyers are looking for e-commerce websites that can provide them with an ultimate personalised experience. Now with time consumers have discovered that video shopping is the solution to their problems.

Wondering what video shopping is?

Through the medium of video, associates connect with online customers to share personalized recommendations, give advice and showcase products. With live video calling and one-to-many video creation, brands have started elevating their e-commerce experience. Many big brands like Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers, Abaran Timeless Jewellery and C Krishnaiah Chetty among others to adopt augmented reality, video calling & virtual jewellery try-on. Video is fast becoming a favourite way for shoppers and associates to connect. Not only does it offer an easy way of sharing and digesting information, but it can be incredibly simple to produce.

Source: Retail Jewellers

Source: ET News

But what if we tell you there is something better in store for you? Not only shopping jewellery through video call but also trying jewellery virtually over the video call itself.

The all-new PlushMeet AR video shopping allows consumers to virtually try on jewellery over the video call. Not only that, but it also allows consumers to adjust the jewellery pieces on their neck and resize the jewellery as well. You can try the end number of jewellery pieces over a simple video call. Video calls like never before? We agree!

Here are Three reasons why  AR Video Shopping is the e-commerce experience of the future :

  1. Bringing a product to life: Through PlushMeet, The AR video shopping, shoppers can augment jewellery video call with the store directly & make an informed decision. Associates can use video calls to showcase the details of a particular product in real-time.  
  1. Live TryOn: AR video calling facilitates live TryON. This means that there are fewer chances of consumers losing interest in the video call. The buyers will be keen to try new products. AR will make the entire experience interactive as well as exciting.
  1. Custom made adjustments: A buyer can adjust the augmented jewellery on their neck through various buttons. Not only that, but consumers can also resize the jewellery & click beautiful pictures.

Ecommerce has been steadily growing since it first entered the retail landscape. However, despite the introduction of next-day delivery and mobile shopping, physical stores continued to hold a majority of the market share. With the introduction of AR Video Shopping, we are sure the scenario is about to change much more. The innovation of AR video shopping technology has been made keeping in mind the exponential growth in the sale of AR-supported mobile devices and also the retail industry, that can now employ unfailing and reliable AR technology, which will benefit customers, retailers, the makers of the products and the distributors at large.

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