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Digital vs Traditional industry of jewelry

There has always been confusion and questions related to whether to stay traditional or to go digitalize for a business. Especially when we talk about the Jewelry industry then there has always been conflict to stay traditional as people don’t prefer to buy jewelry online. There is a famous quote saying :

“ Digital marketing is no longer an option. It’s now a must-do, especially for jewelers looking to market a jewelry business online ” 

As we can see that the digital trend is increasing in India businesses are moving towards that and investing money into it. ORRA’s chief executive Vijay Jain told ET. “Given the longer purchase cycle (lower frequency than most categories), it’s better to focus on consumers who are contemplating jewellery purchases for Diwali. Digital media allows for micro segmenting and the use of data analytics to sharpen the targeting. Our budget for digital marketing for next few months is around 6 crore.” 

Let’s talk about both the ways :

Traditional Marketing :

Traditional Marketing is the best way to market for businesses. What exactly Traditional Marketing involve? Newsletter, Magazines, Flyers, Television, Radio Ads and even billboards. So, this is the way it used to be advertised before digital advertisement. 

Pros :

  •  Easily understood by customers. 
  • Accessible to masses.
  • Constant reminder through flyer.
  • Success rate is more. 
  • No technological support needed. 

Cons : 

  • No direct contact from business to customer.
  • Costly sometimes
  • Success can be hard to measure. 
  • Less effective with millennials 
  • Paper can be thrown easily. 

Digitalise Marketing :

Digitalise Marketing is similar to Traditional Marketing as they invest in this too to reach out to customers. Online marketing involves social media marketing and search engine optimization. Social media marketing includes facebook, instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, Search engines include google Adwords and website etc. 

Pros :

  • Customers can control how they are contacted.
  • Targeting Audience can be anywhere in the world.
  • Direct Interaction with customers. 
  • No cost of training and saves time too. 
  • Success rate can be measured and tracked easily. 

Cons :

  • Sometimes digital load can be increased for customers, resulting in ignorance. 
  • Real time complaints and feedbacks
  • Public can look at the comments
  • Trained crew require to handle this
  • Digital understanding should be there in the customers. 

So, basically it’s like we have to invest into Traditional as well as Digitized marketing. But if you focus on Traditional you can lose many customers as traditional marketing don’t cover much of audiences and if you want to they can increase the cost too. 

Jewellers should be very much aware of the recent trends. Augmented Reality is a new trend and in that you can try jewelry sitting at home. So , your customers don’t have to visit your shop but can purchase your jewelry by sitting at home. This way you and as well as customers can be safe too. 

So, Don’t wait and start investing in the new Technology. 

All The Best !

 Thank you 

Team Plushvie

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