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Augmented Reality in Jewellery Industry

Augmented reality is one of the biggest technology trends right now & with time it is only going to get bigger & better as AR ready smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world. Augmented reality helps you see the real-life environment with an augmentation overlaid on it. 

Augmented Reality in Jewellery Business?

 61% of users would rather buy in a shop with AR experience than in another. Jewellery stores are no different. Both physical and online shops in this industry need to upgrade to stay competitive. Through augmented reality, a jeweller can optimise its sales process & can create an interactive way of shopping. Augmented reality has found a strong foothold in jewellery retail as well. Businesses are using this technology to provide a new level of interaction between the customers & their products, either online or in-store.

Upgrade your jewellery story with Plushvie!

Plushvie offers a real-time & smooth jewellery try-on experience online. It is highly recommended for every Jewellery retailer who wants to expand their business and cater to Millennials. Plushvie’s virtual try-on makes a huge difference in the overall shopping or purchasing experience of the end-users. It can be in-store or shopping through a website, Plushvie provides the consumer with a realistic &  personalised experience. With Jewel-try integrated for your website or in-store Consumers will be able to try an infinite number of jewellery and other products no matter where they are at that moment & make the right choice.

JewelTry is made by using Artificial Intelligence in which you can try a variety of jewellery online without any hassle. We have expert developers and designers to give you this flawless virtual jewellery trial online at your comfort with extreme ease.  To book your demo or discuss how you can increase your business through augmented reality, visit our website now.

 Wondering why should the jewellery business opt for Augmented Reality? 

 As the technology evolves and gives users more and more accurate renderings of how digital objects look in physical spaces. It is expected that more and more industries will hop onto the AR marketing bandwagon. For jewellers, AR has the potential to transform and completely reimagine customer experiences. These innovations will help jewellery retailers to connect better with consumers and will empower shoppers to make more informed and accurate purchase decisions, ultimately reducing purchase anxiety. 

Here are few reasons that will compel you to opt JewelTry for your business at the earliest: 

1)  Try before Buy: This is the main advantage that consumers get through AR technology. JewelTry allows consumers to try an end number of products through a simple swipe. JewelTry provides a jewellery catalogue through a swipe up & the user can select any jewellery to try & have a feel of how it will really look. Try before you buy online simply means trying virtually before making a physical or online purchase.


2) Increases Customer Engagement: Interacting with a JewelTry enables users to try on jewellery virtually in real-time via smartphones. The visual engagement enriches the customer experience & entices them to at least if not purchase on the spot then at least visit you time &
again. Thus it will increase customer retention.

3) Replace the conventional paper catalogues with a new & stunning 3D digital catalogue: JewelTry provides an interactive 3D catalogue & animated model to try on a variety of jewellery on yourself as well as on the 4 types of models available. With a configuration feature, you can show any item in all possible variations and colours.


4) JewelTry adds novelty: JewelTry adds novelty to retail allowing retailers to stand out from the competition. AR is still a new and unusual way to attract clients. JewelTRY is a powerful weapon to surpass competitors and acquire new customers.


The Future of JewelTry 

We promise to bring innovations in our technology that will help jewellery retailers to connect better with consumers and will empower shoppers to make more informed and accurate purchase decisions, ultimately reducing purchase anxiety. With social distancing & contactless business being the new normal, JewelTry can play a very big role to capture a large market share.  All this will help jewellery retailers increase their reach & enable easy checkouts by providing shoppers with more options worldwide.

Want Augmented Reality for your business? Contact now!

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