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Augmented Reality in automobile industry

Augmented Reality is something like to overlay graphical objects on the real world, is famous everywhere and also by using this technology industries are shining and getting sophisticated real time advancement and the automobile industry is not different. This is one of the fastest growing verticals and the shares fall in trillion dollars. 

As we are getting technologically advanced, so do the car manufacturers. They are now putting traditional vehicles on the digital platform. Nowadays, vehicles are getting so smart that the car owner doesn’t need a manual to see how the things are operated. 

Augmented reality is truly driving value for customers as well as the automobile industry. This technology is a win-win situation for both. 

AR is changing buyer persona:

One of the biggest impacts of AR in the automotive industry is that it is changing buyer persona a lot. Traditionally the customer used to walk in the showroom to see the model for the car. Then they check all the specifications. Sometimes customers have to settle less as the showroom doesn’t have colour available. 

Now when Augmented Reality entered into the automotive industry then it solved all the problems of the customers. Now customers can check their favourite colour, specifications, car model and everything just by projecting the car’s model in the real world. They can have a virtual tour and also can make up their mind accordingly. 

Not only is this adding value for companies to upsell their products but also customers are having unforgettable experiences. Also they are getting more engagement with this technology. Companies are integrating AR with social media and run a campaign with more engagement and likes. 

Using SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) technology, the car dealers can project the virtual car’s 360 degree impressions so that users can walk around the vehicle and get the proper information.


AR provides better education for customers:

The days are gone where a salesperson comes up with the boring catalogue. Now is the time to get the benefit of augmented reality technology. As it was already not adding any value in the customer’s buying experience. 

Infact, many companies are shifting their focus to virtual studios so that they can demonstrate each and every detail to new customers. Also, manufacturers have tie-ups with augmented reality companies to read the buyer behaviour and also glean valuable insights. 


AR is enhancing car safety:

The most vital contribution of AR is in safety and security which is very important for the brand. Companies want to get better and better in safety as the number of accidents have been rising constantly. So they are using augmented reality technology with the use of the internet to take care of customers’ safety. For example, if there is functional failure then the driver can get all the information from an AR app and they can get all the information correctly rather than making a wild guess and risking life. 

The AR system is also providing all the details and also the navigation and car status in front of them. So that they don’t have to look down at the central dashboard they can concentrate on driving the car. 

For example, this feature is showing promising response in Australia, where several car companies are providing services to install AR features in cars. 


The future is autonomous vehicles:

The future comes with self-driving transportation cars. Also, safety matters a lot. That’s the reason companies are doing extensive research on how to make this whole concept work. 

While on the other hand many companies are doing research on how to integrate augmented reality in vehicles. In Melbourne, researchers want the whole ecosystem to be driver less where safety will be elevated. As well as owners can have control of the vehicle in their hand by an AR app so that during emergency situations it’s easy to manage. But complete automation can change the entire industry. 

So, basically Augmented Reality is the most promising technology of the future. This is just the beginning, we will experience the most exciting innovation in coming years.  

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