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Get your Jewellery Photos Ecommerce ready!

Follow these five guidelines to get photos that not only build brand awareness but also increase sales for your jewellery business!

If you’re wondering why we’re taking an entire blog to talk about how to take better jewellery photographs – we would like to remind you that there is a whole social media platform that runs wholly and solely based on photographs (yes, we’re talking about Instagram).

Photographs can build or break your eCommerce game. Remember – when it comes to online shopping, your customers are trusting you to showcase your inventory through photographs, and it is only fair that your jewellery images accurately portray all your inventory.

Let’s get down to how we can use photographs to enforce your brand – branding affects more than just sales and revenue. It affects your perception of the marketplace, your ability to hire and retain quality employees, and your ability to positively impact your community.

Pro Tip: Forbes says that simply being consistent when you present your brand – whether through pictures or other graphics, creates a uniform message and promotes brand identity which can increase your revenue by 23%.

  1. Create a Consistent Graphic

The first rule towards enforcing a brand image is keeping all your photographs consistent with a form of guidelines. Some guidelines to get you started with are:

  1. Use the same background for the main photographs
  2. Always work with the same editor/post-production personnel who is aware of your guidelines
  3. Your guidelines should also specify the background colour, colour palettes, composition, and layout of your images
  4. Invest in jewelry photography solutions that make you achieve consistency with one click

2. Use your smartphone camera grid to take better photos

The camera grid is an effective feature to use when you want to capture specific frames perfectly as it divides the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically, making it easy to remember and recreate. It’s a simplified no-sweat approach to framing photos.

  1. Decide the type of photo variations for each product

As a standard practice, make sure your product photos have the following shots each. These will help your buyers finalize their purchase faster:

  1. Studio shot: Items shot on a white background look classy and professional and can never go wrong!
  1. Angle shots: These include the front, back, left, and right sides of the jewelry, making sure that all elaborate designs of the piece are visible.
  2. Close-up shot: Do you sell a lot of hand-made pieces? Show them off! The more your buyers can see the detail and hard work that goes into creating jewellery, the more easily they finalize their purchase. 
  3. Size and scale: This is the most important aspect of jewellery photography. You don’t want buyers returning pieces because of incorrect sizes. Make sure you provide an accurate scale of each product in a photo, instead of mentioning the dimensions of the same, which are confusing to many people!
  1. Post-process your photos, but only if required

Post-processing is an essential aspect of your jewelry photography. It’s not always necessary but highly recommended because it allows you to manage the quality of your photos. Even professional photographers post-process their images.

  1. Optimize your photos with SEO

Image SEO optimization is a critical part of your e-commerce business because it ensures that your page loads faster, increases your chance of converting, and boosts your traffic and revenue. You can optimize your images with SEO following these simple steps:

  1. Correctly and appropriately naming your jewelry images.
  2. Optimizing the image titles. 
  3. Adding alt attributes to every jewelry image. 
  4. Compressing your images without sacrificing quality to keep your load times down. 
  5. Choosing the right file format

Last, but not least, combine images with videos. AR (Augmented Reality) technology is very new but will become “a must” in the next few years. Combining jewelry images with video allows buyers to better understand the product, provides maximum details, and creates an additional “proof” of the product. 

As with online dating, online shopping puts a lot of emphasis on photographs! Make sure you’re doing justice to your beautiful jewellery pieces and showing your buyers all your inventory in the spotlight that they deserve.

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