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How Can Jewellers Use Whatsapp Business?

Find new buyers, enhance customer support, and do more with WhatsApp. Scroll to find out how!

If the social media apps weren’t boosting the eCommerce business before, they certainly are in the post-pandemic world. Businesses all over the world are finding new ways of integrating Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp to find new audiences for their jewellery stores. Integrating business with technology and the latest trends is allowing many jewellery stores to embrace and innovate to attract users.

An Accenture study revealed that the global social commerce market will grow two-and-a-half times from $492 billion in 2021 to $1.2 trillion by 2025, with India’s market growing the fastest over this period. Today, let’s take a look at how you can leverage the same via WhatsApp to find growth opportunities and new buyers.

  1. Avoid long texts, use visuals instead!

75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when making a purchase. Good visual content is 40% highly likely to get shared on different social media platforms.

  1. Use WhatsApp Catalog Tool

Talking to too many customers at a time can get a little tiring. The WhatsApp Catalog allows your buyers to browse through your inventory within the app – allowing them to check your products and also chat with you instead of having to visit your website to do the same. This keeps them engaged while easing the process for you.

  1. Better Customer Support

WhatsApp allows you to connect with your customers like no other messaging apps. Allowing you to instantly reply to the users’ queries can help you gain more traction among buyers and also speed up the buying process because it creates an instant connection.

Tip: Remember, nobody likes a slow texter. Make sure that you’re prompt in replying to queries. Any delay in response can not only affect your business perception but may also cause the user to lose interest in their potential purchase.

  1. Connect with your Buyers

What makes WhatsApp stand out is that it gives users the familiar feel of a texting platform. You can leverage the platform to not just allow your buyers to have a different shopping experience, but also to interact with and tell them about your new Product Launches and Discount Offers through attractive photos and friendly GIFs.

  1. Expedite Purchases by Confirming Orders

With the WhatsApp Shopping Cart tool, you can now simplify selling jewellery, while also making it easier for your users to buy it. Users can browse your product catalogs, and select and group multiple products in a single message.

However, the Shopping Cart tool doesn’t allow them to check out the products in their cart; it is up to you to confirm and place their order. But it does help you speed up the process by confirming their orders for them.
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