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How to Integrate Augmented Reality in your Jewellery store

Why are jewellery brands using Augmented Reality and how can you leverage the power of the technology? Read on to find out!

Augmented Reality has been making a lot of buzz for a while now. You must’ve already heard about it and thought about what it is and how is it working out. More importantly, how is it relevant to jewellery businesses? And should you bother using it for your jewellery brand?

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that comes under the wider umbrella of ‘XR’ or Extended Reality Technologies. Extended reality (XR) is a universal term inclusive to immersive learning technologies virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). 

The most common example of XR is gaming, which has been evolving to make a user’s gaming experience more immersive and life-like. This is the most common goal of XR and its related technologies – to involve all the senses of its users for a more fulfilling experience. All the filters used on Instagram and Snapchat, as well as the globally popular game Pokemon Go, are examples of how games and apps are making use of AR to create an immersive experience for their users.

But where does AR come into Jewellery Stores?

  • 6 out of 10 people say they want to be able to visualize where and how a product could fit into their lives.
  • Interactions with products having AR/3D content record a 94% higher conversion rate than those products without.

While it is a fairly new practice, the use of AR has increased manifold, especially after the pandemic. Because all the brick-and-mortar stores were shut down owing to COVID restrictions, AR helped jewellers take their stores to customers.

AR has greatly impacted online shopping because it allows users to try augmented-reality video shopping and Augmented Reality video conferencing, allowing them to use features like virtual jewellery try ons and even group video conferencing. Many jewellers are now also offering free video call features where users can get on a call with their families and friends and try on jewellery together! 

AR has not only made online shopping more interesting and immersive but also impacts revenue and sales of jewellery stores, reducing the number of returns and providing users with a gamified shopping experience. In this blog, we now look at how you can integrate AR into your jewellery store!

  1. Jewellery Virtual Try on

New-age shoppers are always looking for the most convenient ways to shop. Many AR-powered jewellery Tryon apps are now going a step further and introducing exciting new features to help jewellers bring in more customers through features like Ring & Bracelet Tryons and Group Video-Calling features powered by AR, giving your users an incredibly immersive experience and allowing them to engage in jewellery shopping like they would in a physical store. Plushvie’s PlushMeet is one such tool that not just gives you a chance to reach out to customers all over the globe, but makes it easier for you to adapt to technology.

  1. AR Filters

If you’re an Instagram user, you’re already familiar with filters. Unlike simple IG filters, AR filters can make your brand more engaging and fun as it’s interactive.

AR filters are computer-generated effects that are superimposed on real-life images that your camera displays. AR filters are not for all businesses but if you sell jewellery for younger consumers, then hop on because it will only make your brand more relatable and engaging. 

  1. Augmented Reality Video Shopping & Video Chat

What’s better than shopping alone? That’s right, shopping with your friends! AR now allows multiple people to conference together and use AR to try on jewellery virtually! Users and their families can also react with interactive emojis and chat on the video call to show their love for your inventory!

Augmented Reality is a great technology not only for jewellery stores because it helps you reach out to more people. But it also creates beautiful and memorable shopping experiences for your customers that in turn, make you memorable to them. Get in touch with your nearest AR expert, and sign up on AR today!

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