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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips

Boost your jewellery store’s Social Media performance with these 5 starter tips!

More than half the people on Earth use at least one social media platform. This means that no matter how you feel about having a personal social media presence, you should create one for your business to better connect with potential customers and enhance your marketing efforts.

Social Media helps you get the word out about your jewellery business, opening your jewellery store to the rest of the world. If utilized properly, social media marketing can really make a ding in the way people see your jewellery brand. 

But what exactly is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing means using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to help you reach out to a bigger audience. When you reach out to people via social media websites, you give your potential customers a chance to directly interact with your brand, which when done effectively, can help you convert potential customers into actual buyers. 

Social Media not only helps you direct traffic to your website, but also create brand awareness for your jewellery store. Not just that, many small businesses even use social media for customer service, allowing customers to message them directly to have issues resolved and questions answered.

Now that we know more about social media and the importance of marketing your store there, let’s dive into our top 5 tips on how to best tell the story of your brand over Instagram and other sites!

  1. Define your goals

You’ve created an account for your jewellery store. Great. What next? Before you start posting and invite your existing customers to follow you, it is helpful to decide on what goals you want to deliver on. We’re listing some pointers to get you started!

  • Getting started with a specific goal is helpful. For example, your goal for the next six months can be to reach 500 followers on Instagram
  • Use measurable stats to find whether what you post on Social Media works or not. For example, if you notice that you’re getting follows and likes on social media but its not converting to website traffic, you can think of other ways to send your leads from social media to your website through other means [stories, livestreams, etc.]
  • It is very important to put a time limit on your goals, allowing you to keep your social media strategies and content in check.
  1. Crisp & Simple language seals the deal

What’s the one thing you should keep in mind while communicating with people in general? To keep your language simple and easy to understand. If a first-time visitor comes to check your account on social media, they shouldn’t be scared by complicated language and lengthy captions. Keep it precise, and have fun! Make it sound like you’re talking to a friend, not like you’re delivering a lecture! Emojis are also a cool way to keep your language light and more captivating. Remember, the sooner you get their attention, the better for your bottom line.

  1. Use Videos to tell your story

With the advent of short-duration videos, everyone’s time span has gotten shorter, which calls for your content to be engaging. Graphics and written content is great, but video content has the highest potential to get your social media the recognition it deserves. Reels and videos are a great way to bring more people to your brand’s social media!

  1. Interact with your audience

We’ve mentioned this before and we’ll say it again – two-way communication makes a good relationship great. It is very important for you to engage with your followers to create an organic community of followers. Increase your audience engagement with the following tips:

  • Repost people’s photos and stories when they post about their purchase
  • Reply to people’s comments on your posts
  • Make sure you actively respond to people’s DMs & inbox messages that give them a direct link to your brand.
  1. Quality over Quantity, always!

Instead of posting multiple times a day on as many platforms as possible, you should focus on delivering consistent, quality posts. In fact, some social media sites may penalize your account and mark you as spam for too many low-quality posts. Additionally, posting could become overwhelming and problematic whoever handles your social media, whether that’s you or a teammate, and that could wind up hurting your strategy rather than helping.

Another way to prioritize quality posts is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this content help my followers?
  • Is this original?
  • Is this actionable, inspiring, or entertaining?
  • Does the content have cited sources, if needed?

To conclude, here are some common metrics that you can employ to direct your social media strategy:

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Impressions
  • Mentions
  • Post clicks
  • Video Views

Looking for some help with marketing your jewellery store on social media? We got your back! Plushvie offers all services essential to the jewellery business today, available under one roof. Get in touch with us today and take the next step towards your jewellery store’s evolution, today!

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