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Jewellery Brands using jewellery virtual Try-on

Take a look at Jewellery stores upping their glam game with exciting virtual try-on features!

If statistics are to be believed, over 2.14 billion shoppers now buy items online, a significant increase from just a few years ago. With the current world population of 7.9 billion, it means that 27% of all people that are alive are digital buyers. As more and more shoppers move to online shopping every day, investing in tools that build a first-time buyer’s trust has become an essential investment for online jewellery stores today. 

The total number of digital buyers in India alone has reached a record high of 289 million, a number projected to go as high as 378 million by 2025. While there will always be a handful of customers who will always prefer shopping in-store, online jewellery sales are changing the game. The question is, is your jewellery brand taking advantage of the same? 

If your answer is no, we’d like to take you through jewellery brands that are using technology to their advantage. With emerging tech like Augmented Reality, online jewellery stores are not just attracting new customers, but also building trust with their existing customers online!

Research shows that more than 6 in 10 customers prefer stores that offer AR experiences. Not just that, 4 in 10 shoppers would actually be willing to pay more for an item if they could first see it in AR. Here are some jewellery brands that are already offering virtual try-on jewellery experiences:

  1. Tanishq used Augmented Reality/ hybrid reality campaigns at Delhi and Bengaluru airports to engage with a large audience in 2019. Speaking of the importance of AR, a company representative remarked, “Consumers have the option of browsing through multiple jewellery pieces virtually with just one click. The real-time customer experience will definitely strengthen the retail connection between the brand and our esteemed consumers; a transformative step on how India will shop and purchase jewellery in the near future.”
  1. Reliance Jewels also offer its customers the try-on option, powered by Plushvie which offers easy-to-use navigation to all its online shoppers that allow users to not just an additional insight into what they’re about to buy but also goes a long way in building trust  with potential shoppers. 
  1. Gharenu has also gone a step ahead in building an online loyal customer base by giving its online shoppers the choice of trying their jewellery inventory online! 
  1. Charu Jewels is yet another online jewellery brand that has been using the power of Augmented Reality to its advantage. As an increasing number of shoppers move online, giving your customers the comfort of trying your jewellery inventory from anywhere will only work to your advantage!
  1. Kalyan Jewellers: In 2018, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers launched a virtual trial of the jewellery pieces, using a ‘Virtual Try-On’ feature, giving their customers the added advantage of shopping from the comfort of their homes/offices.

You can even step further into utilizing AR with group video conferencing using group video call apps that are very easy to integrate into your jewellery website. Plushmeet has one of the best group video chat apps you can try out today! Video call apps allow your shoppers to invite their friends and family into their shopping process. Group video calls have exciting features that allow everyone to engage and immerse, making group video calls more exciting than ever.

Still thinking about getting AR? Why don’t you contact your nearest AR expert and let them help you take your jewellery brand to the next step of evolution?

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