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Introducing PlushMeet, Best Video Shopping in 2021

Plushvie’s latest experiment PlushMeet is a video shopping platform powered by AR (augmented reality) that lets consumers try on themselves before they make an actual purchase. Plush Meet combines the fun of live video shopping with the convenience of Augmented Reality. 

The e-commerce industry is always changing and this year has been no different. More than ever, vendors are creating and improving their e-commerce businesses to meet customers where they are. While it may seem like everything in e-commerce is evolving, we narrowed it down to the biggest trend that will affect businesses in the coming months and years, i.e. PlushMeet. 

Augmented Reality Video Shopping will enhance the experience of online shopping

There is no doubt in the fact that Augmented Reality has totally been the game-changer for the e-commerce industry. With this type of technology, shoppers can make an informed decision by virtually trying on the product themselves. Talking about AR in the jewellery industry, AR has changed the face of the jewellery market. The Augmented Reality experience lets customers explore the finest jewellery experience by projecting real-looking impressions. This has benefited not only the customer but also the seller at large. 

Wondering Why PlushMeet?

PlushMeet is a secure platform that provides users with an Augmented Reality feature so that consumers can try virtually over the video call itself before making an actual purchase. This is perfect for buyers who are shopping remotely and negates the need for everyone to travel to one place. All you need is a laptop or mobile and an internet connection. This is perfect for keeping in touch with consumers if you can’t see them in person, and also for consumers if they are shopping remotely.  AR Video Shopping are the next best thing to meeting face to face. 


Plushvie offers a real-time & smooth jewellery try-on experience online. It is highly recommended for every Jewellery retailer who wants to expand their business and cater to Millennials. Plushvie’s virtual try-on makes a huge difference in the overall shopping or purchasing experience of the end-users. It can be in-store or shopping through a website, Plushvie provides the consumer with a realistic &  personalised experience. With Jewel-try integrated for your website or in-store Consumers will be able to try an infinite number of jewellery and other products no matter where they are at that moment & make the right choice.

JewelTry is made by using Artificial Intelligence in which you can try a variety of jewellery online without any hassle. We have expert developers and designers to give you this flawless virtual jewellery trial online at your comfort with extreme ease.  To book your demo or discuss how you can increase your business through augmented reality, visit our website now.

Now in 2021, Plushvie has come up with this amazing technology PlushMeet. Plush Meet provides a personalised experience while shopping & which will be the key element in a successful e-commerce business. Implementing personalized experiences on the video call or in marketing efforts has been shown to have a strong effect on revenue, with one study finding it had a 25% revenue lift for retailers scaling advanced personalization capabilities.

What is Plush Meet for you?

Superior video quality: Full HD audio & video calling

Real-time Tryon: Smooth & real-time Tryon over a video call

Everything personalised: Adjust & Resize the jewellery pieces

Capture the WOW: Make your moment memorable

Dashboard: Smooth & Interactive dashboard 

Privacy: Fully encrypted peer-to-peer connections

Growth: Increase your business growth 

Chat & share: Chat & Share about your timeless moments 

Everything gets Plush with PlushMeet

PlushMeet, the Augmented Reality Video Shopping offers a glorious advantage for every retailer worldwide to cater to their shoppers. The all-new PlushMeet AR video shopping will provide consumers with the plush privilege of virtually trying jewellery over the video call. Augmented Reality is fast-growing, technology & People are always evolving. E-commerce brings everything together & with Plush Meet, the future of video shopping looks more promising than ever. Brands that will have a thoughtful approach will be able to leverage this technology for the growth of their businesses.

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