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Augmented Reality in Ecommerce: How AR video shopping is changing online shopping behaviour

According to Statista, the augmented reality market is valued at $30.7 billion, with around 810 million active mobile users. And in 2021, over 400,000 augmented reality glasses have already been sold. There’s no question about it, from where we can see ecommerce retailers who were once scrambling to adopt technology as a new method of engaging customers and improving conversion rates, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are now excited to forever alter how products are sold online.  Moreover, the retailer’s have understood with time that it’s not the product but the experience that AR can provide to their customers.

AR Online Video Shopping changing the face of ecommerce retail 

PlushMeet, the AR online video shopping platform has the potential to change the face of e-commerce retail. PlushMeet, the Augmented Reality Video Shopping offers a glorious advantage for every retailer worldwide to cater to their remote shoppers. Through PlushMeet retailers can now let consumers try different jewellery on themselves in the ongoing video call, before they make an actual purchase. PlushMeet combines the fun of live video shopping with the convenience of Augmented Reality. 

This is perfect for buyers who are shopping remotely and negates the need for everyone to travel to one place. All you need is a laptop or mobile and a stable internet connection. This is perfect for keeping in touch with consumers if you can’t see them in person, and also for consumers if they are shopping remotely.  AR Video Shopping is the next best thing & will surely change the face of jewellery retailing in the near future.

(Click on the image above & watch the video of how AR video shopping actually works)

According to Google’s AR Survey, 66% of people are interested in using AR for help when making purchasing decisions.The pandemic has only accelerated this process.

The future of Jewellery Retail is Virtual!

Yes, we said it! The future of jewellery retail indeed seems virtual. The current smartphone technology is a stepping stone to a more immersive experience for jewellery buyers. The innovation of AR video shopping technology has been made keeping in mind the exponential growth in the sale of AR-supported mobile devices and also the  jewellery retail industry. 

Jewellery shopping is more about the experience that you can provide to the end customer which will compel them to shop from you time & again. With covid being in the picture for almost 2 years now, providing the Plush experience has been a hassle for jewellers worldwide. PlushMeet will be able to provide the much needed experience to your customers & also will help you rebrand your jewellery brand.

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