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Why Augmented Reality is the future of jewellery businesses

Augmented Reality is helping jewellery brands evolve to customer needs. Here’s why your jewellery store should get AR tech, too!

Did you know? A survey suggests that 71% of shoppers prefer stores that offer an Augmented Reality (AR) shopping experience, with 40% of customers willing to pay more for experiencing a product through AR. First accelerated due to the unavailability of in-person shopping during the pandemic, AR-powered jewellery shopping is here to stay. What’s more, it’s preferable. In this blog, we give you 5 reasons why you should give your jewellery brand the advantage of AR.

  1. AR reduces the rate of order returns, increasing your conversion rate

Welcoming AR into one’s jewellery business not just provides one’s customers with a dynamic online jewellery shopping experience but also helps bring down the rate of returns, increasing the conversion rate starting from 10 and going as high as 200 per cent! As opposed to buying jewellery by looking at the photographs, AR allows users to entirely immerse in the jewellery shopping experience, helping them gauge the right size and look of each jewellery item and determine the jewellery finish, light effects and gem clarity more accurately.

  1. AR personalizes, increases & enhances user engagement

Augmented Reality is the tech used in virtual games like Pokemon Go. A unique thing that AR brings to your jewellery store is the gamified shopping experience which completely engages every customer with your jewellery inventory. It not only gives your buyers a memorable shopping experience but also allows them to do so from the comfort of their homes.

With the power of AR on your side, you can personalize the shopping experience for your buyers which can not only greatly impact their buying decision, but also encourage them to spend more.

  1. Now, indulge your customers in Group AR shopping

You can even step further into utilizing AR with group video conferencing using group video call apps that are very easy to integrate into your jewellery website. Plushmeet has one of the best group video chat apps you can try out today! Video call apps allow your shoppers to invite their friends and family into their shopping process. Group video calls have exciting features that allow everyone to engage and immerse, making group video calls more exciting than ever.

  1. AR gives you an edge over your competitors

Putting your jewellery store on the online map also opens your store to not just local but global competition and you may ask yourself – how do I ensure that my jewellery brand stays ahead of all these other brands?

Augmented Reality will set you apart from traditional shopping. You can now use the power of technology to boost your online presence, reach new shoppers, and also build your brand image. Integrating technology shows shoppers that you are changing with the needs of the times and trendy tools like virtual try-on jewellery and AR-powered group video calls can help you reach younger shoppers more rapidly!

  1. AR helps you build trust & a long-lasting relationship with customers

When you invite your customers to try your jewellery inventory before they buy it, they get to experience it for themselves. This removes one of the biggest bottlenecks of online shoppin     g because it allows customers to feel the jewellery size and see how it looks on them right away. It is similar to hundreds of filters available on social media apps which also makes your clients know that you’re a progressive jewellery store, moving with the needs of the time. This transforms into a relationship made of trust, encouraging repeat purchases and lesser returns, and great word-of-mouth publicity for you!

Still skeptical  about getting AR? Why don’t you contact your nearest AR expert and let them help you take your jewellery brand to the next step of evolution?

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