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Augmented Reality for Jewellery Retail towards a promising 2022

Augmented reality (AR), a technology based on enhancing the real-world environment with computer-generated elements, is quickly gaining traction across many industries, including jewellery retail. Many plush jewellery brands are already catering their customers with the ability to experience jewellery  through AR and 3D modelling before they make a purchase. The reason why is simple: investing in AR technology makes sound business sense. A study shows that viewing jewellery in AR increases conversions by up to 250%, boosts customer engagement by 66%, and reduces returns by 40%. 

 As a way to eradicate the pandemic-induced no touch issue and meet changing consumer desires, jewellery visualisation effects that allow customers to virtually “try on” necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets are becoming increasingly common. And with three-quarters of consumers now expecting jewellery retailers to offer an AR experience, augmented reality may soon become the norm for jewellery retailers.

Technology reshaping the jewellery industry

Virtual catalogues & Augmented reality are in vogue among online jewellery platforms now. This opens an immense business opportunity for the sellers alongside reducing the inventory expenditure. Customers can try on jewellery virtually and once a design is finalized, they can virtually shop through diverse channels.

What’s new in 2022? 

2021 has been truly special for Plushvie as we came up the greatest innovations of all time i.e. PLUSHMEET, The Augmented Reality Video Calling Platform for Jewellery Brands. Now, through PlushMeet, the plush jewellery retailers can cater their remote clients in an even better & innovative way than before. Jewellers can make their customers try jewellery virtually inside the ongoing video call itself. If that’s not enough the customers can also resize & adjust the jewellery according to their convenience. With our latest innovation, 2022 for jewellery retail seems indeed opportunistic & very special.

Retailers in the high-value and luxury segment have introduced video calling through apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Skype, to drive sales. Will this merely become an avenue for window shopping or could this really help businesses in the long term? Well if you ask us, we surely feel video calls will be the future of the retail industry especially the Jewellery Industry.

PlushMeet includes 

  1. High-quality Audio/Video: Plush Meet provides Full HD audio & video calling & supports every device so that retailers can connect to their online clients without any hassle at any time, anywhere. 
  2. Real-time TryOn: Plush Meet facilitates smooth & real-time Tryon over a video call. The buyers will be able to try new products on the video call itself. AR will make the entire experience not only interactive but exciting too.
  3. Adjustments at your service: Plush Meet lets you dive into a personalized experience where one can adjust the jewellery as per their wish. Personalization always drives engagement and builds longer customer relationships. Hence, everything gets personalized.

  4. Capture the best moments:  Plush Meet is all about the WOW feeling from the moment you start AR video shopping. Ever wanted to preserve what you just tried? It’s available at the click of a button. Click, and yay, we’ve captured the WOW image.

  5. Chat, Share: Plush Meet not only offers an efficient way for video shopping but also provides the chat & share function. One can even chat during the ongoing video call & also share photos & make their moment memorable.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also further expedited the technology adoption in jewellery retail. The orders placed online are being processed digitally. Customers pay through various contactless methods such as online banking, wallets and UPI based payment channels. Through the usage of technology such as AR, the jewellery retailers are now ensuring a completely touchless sales model. The raw materials are sanitized using UV devices and remote monitoring is carried out throughout the production, packaging and delivery processes to ensure that hygiene and sanitization are not compromised at any point.

Augmented Reality is fast-growing, technology & People are always evolving. E-commerce brings everything together & with PlushMeet, the future of video shopping looks more promising than ever. Brands that will have a thoughtful approach will be able to leverage this technology for the growth of their businesses. 


The whole world is looking forward to the future of augmented reality because it can make our lives more secure and hassle-free. PlushMeet can make the impossible possible. Humans have always strived to improve themselves through exploration and invention. Augmented reality video shopping  is a representation of this intrinsic human trait.


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