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Unlock Your Consumers Hearts This Valentine’s Day

Inspirational Marketing Campaigns for Valentine’s Day by Jewellery Brands

A guy shopping a ring digitally for his girl.

It’s time for the love month of the year. As Valentine’s day is around the corner, brands across the world are using it as a great occasion to market and sell their products. Valentines’s day is not just an occasion to connect those that are in love, but also for brands to connect with their consumers. Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become a huge opportunity for jewellers to increase their sales. 

Brands are leaving no room to miss a chance of grabbing customer’s attention and promoting their products. Today jewellery brands are trying to break the stereotypical notion of gifting roses, chocolates, and teddy bears on this special day instead are encouraging them to buy something special and exclusive for their loved ones. 

There is a shift in consumers’ minds in recent times. Consumers today, are celebrating the occasion with not just any gift but precious gems and jewels. Valentine’s Day communication has also evolved, from being mainly offer-led to brands targeting and resonating with the emotions of the common people.

Presenting a few Valentine’s Day campaigns for inspiration: 


Through this campaign, Tanishq tries to enforce #GiftFullOfLove, breaking stereotypes that Valentine’s Day is just for couples and re-iterating that love exists in all relationships. Different situations are portrayed where one can express love, further emphasizing on self-love.



Candere plays with consumers emotional touch through this ad. This simple yet impactful video shows love being celebrated between a daughter-in-law and her in-laws on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, breaking stereotypes in a sweet and subtle manner. This video highlights the atypical bond and the modern values shared between in-laws, aiming to change the mindset of the society today.



Melorra’s Valentine’s day campaign targets the millennial audience and encourages men to replace the traditional roses, teddy bears, and chocolates as gifts, with trendy and lightweight gold as a token of their love. The campaign was named – ‘#UpYourGiftingGame’ and got viral and trended across all Social Media platforms. The brand launched its new collection for modern-day women, that was inspired by latest fashion trends and featured trendy interpretations of heart motifs.



This year, Caratlane launched a digital campaign ‘Love it or Hate it’ with three videos that depict three different relationships, a mother daughter duo, two sisters and a couple. Each relationship had one person who hated the occasion and the other who didn’t, further placing emphasis on going beyond the stereotypical couple gifting on Valentine’s day and making the day special for everyone without restricting the nature of the relationship.


Tiffany & Co:

Tiffany launched a unique interactive campaign for its users. It created a tool for its shoppers, where the shoppers could create their own unique stickers/ tattoos with a transparent background. This tattoo could then be added to any photo and was shared on instagram with a hashtag #BelieveInLove.  The campaign was pushed via some influencer marketing and did wonders for brand awareness and user experience. 

When it comes to love, there are no rules. Seize the moment and declare your feelings with unique Tiffany tattoos. Make your own: #BelieveInLove— Tiffany & Co. (@TiffanyAndCo) January 20, 2018

Apart from these, some brands have adopted some contemporary ways to engage their clients. Brands are leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to let their clients have an immersive experience of Trying Jewellery virtually. When loved ones are distant apart, AR technology can bring them closer with virtual jewellery tryons. Jewellery brands are also providing AR experience on Video Call through PlushMeet, to help their clients celebrate valentine’s day like never before. 

Plushvie mobile mock-up

Today a lot of jewellery brands have adopted digital media to market their brands and the most famous and successful of them all being ‘Instagram Marketing’ and ‘Influencer Marketing’. Jewellers are launching creative campaigns to stay on top of the moment marketing game. This Valentine’s Day, we wish brands a forever love with their beloved customers.

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