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Thanks to AR, Buying Jewellery Online is no longer a Guessing Game

The fine art of craftsmanship meets the technological authenticity of Augmented Reality

A customer shopping digitally

History has been a first-hand witness of how crisis leads to innovation. For Isaac Newton, the Great London Plague of 1665 led him to discover the laws of gravity; the cold war landed humankind on the moon and the COVID pandemic allowed formerly-distant technologies to be  embraced across the globe. Owing to the limitations put forth by store lockdowns, people have welcomed Augmented Reality and Jewellery Try-On. 

Yet, it didn’t come as easy as it sounds. The idea of buying gold and diamond jewellery from the internet seemed a little far fetched and unreliable. Investing large sums of money into buying jewellery online without having the physical feel of the same made buyers’ experiences trickier, making them hesitant to buy jewellery online, corroborated by a McKinsey report on consumer insights.

Global consumers anticipate pulling back on spending across categories

(Source: McKinsey Report: Perspective on Retail & Consumer goods)

This changed when online jewellery stores welcomed Augmented Reality, introducing virtual Try-on jewellery to provide their customers with a real-time, all-immersive jewellery shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. AR not just helped them become more involved in trying and buying jewellery virtually, but also gamified the entire process – making virtual jewellery try on an experience similar to trying different avatars in a video game. 

Welcoming AR into one’s jewellery business not just provides one’s customers with a dynamic online jewellery shopping experience but also helps bring down the rate of returns, increasing the conversion rate starting from 10 and going as high as 200%! As opposed to buying jewellery by looking at the photographs, AR allows users to entirely immerse in the jewellery shopping experience, helping them gauge the right size and look of each jewellery item and determine the jewellery finish, light effects and gem clarity more accurately.

AR jewellery apps also assist jewellers in physical stores too, saving the shop assistants’ time and allowing buyers to indulge in the experience of their own volition – completely eliminating physical contact, making the whole process COVID-safe.  Virtual jewellery Try Ons are also a strong marketing tool and enable users to share their virtual look with their friends and family, allowing them to share their feedback with the buyer.

Today, more and more jewellers are welcoming exquisite AR jewellery apps into their businesses, with the valuation of tech-integrated businesses looking better by the minute. If you’re a jewellery retailer looking to boost your sales, you might want to get ahead of the trend with AR. You can now give your jewellery business a technological makeover with Plushvie’s AR-powered virtual jewellery Try On. Available in monthly/yearly subscriptions, Plushvie also features Plushmeet, a tool your users can use to try jewellery virtually through a video call! Get in touch with us and personally curate your user’s online jewellery shopping experience today!

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