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Augmented Reality: The need of the hour

As Covid-19 is increasing on a daily basis as well as there is a restriction in many parts of the country, jewellers are forced to take an online shift with their businesses. The Covid-19 induced lockdown has encouraged many branded jewellers such as Tanishq from the Tata Group, Kalyan Jewellery, Abaran Timeless Jewellery and C Krishnaiah Chetty among others to adopt augmented reality, video calling, virtual jewellery try-on, real-time live assisted chat, and appointment-based walk-ins in selected stores across the country to attract buyers.


One of the most interesting technologies in the digital space is Augmented reality. You can augment what you see by adding digital content to real-life objects captured by a camera in real-time through AR. Augmented reality has found a strong foothold in jewellery retail as well. Businesses are using this technology to provide a new level of interaction between the customers & their products, either online or in-store. Augmented reality provides the shoppers with instant product information and the consumers can compare with other retailers when they point to their mobile phones, which allows them to set a preference for their requirement.

Many of the tech-savvy jewellers have started leveraging augmented reality for increasing sales. Customers can select the jewellery, try them on their neck virtually & make an informed decision. At the same time, few branded jewellery shops in the country have arranged for special magnifying glass, a fixed camera with proper lighting to show jewellery at its store. People can connect to the store directly through their smartphones, laptops & even smart televisions.

The possibility & ease to virtually try-on jewellery is a must-have for all jewellery retail brands. Consumers can get the look & feel of their jewellery with a single swipe on their screen. Quality face tracking allows having a clear picture of what to buy and what not to buy. Augmented reality & virtual try-on has huge potential in the coming years. It will allow many businesses to leverage their brand through augmented reality. Also, by creating a personalised experience, consumer satisfaction increases with each purchase & which helps brands increase their clientele. Augmented reality (AR) is one of the biggest technology trends right now and it’s going to get bigger as AR powered smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world.

Plushvie enables people to try jewellery virtually through augmented reality & virtual try-on. Also, we can help you integrate Jewel-Try for your brand & product. We have expert developers and designers to give you this flawless virtual jewellery trial online at your comfort with extreme ease.

Do you wish to check whether you can implement Augmented Reality (AR) for your business? Book a DEMO with us.

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