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Yeh Saal manaye Augmented Reality wali Navaratri

India is now in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the virus is not as prevalent and malevolent as it was in 2020, the dangers associated with the coronavirus still linger. As we enter the festival-filled quarter of 2021, we will see quite a few changes in the way navaratri is celebrated this year. Keeping the situation in my mind we thought have come up with a very exciting & unique contest “#PlushvieKaNavaratriContest” 

All you have to do is go on, Try 100+  jewellery pieces online & capture your best shot online! Tag us & stand a chance to win some exciting goodies!

Well Isn’t that exciting? We know right! 

How exciting would it be if you could shop your jewellery online inside the video call? Yes, you heard it right! With PlushMeet catering, your clients online just became easier!

Augmented Reality Video Shopping will enhance the experience of online shopping.

There is no doubt in the fact that Augmented Reality has totally been the game-changer for the e-commerce industry. With this type of technology, shoppers can make an informed decision by virtually trying on the product themselves. Talking about AR in the jewellery industry, AR has changed the face of the jewellery market. The Augmented Reality experience lets customers explore the finest jewellery experience by projecting real-looking impressions. This has benefited not only the customer but also the retailers at large. 

PlushMeet is a unique video shopping platform. It combines live video shopping with the convenience of Augmented Reality, which makes the entire video shopping experience user-friendly and super interactive. On PlushMeet we ensure to make your meetings memorable. 

After the pandemic one thing is for sure, the most successful & remembered retailers will be those who will find new & innovative ways to connect with their customers. Video calls are always more memorable than audio calls but when you add an AR flavour to the video call, the experience is unforgettable.

PlushMeet includes 

  1. High-quality Audio/Video: Plush Meet provides Full HD audio & video calling & supports every device so that retailers can connect to their online clients without any hassle at any time, anywhere.
  2. Real-time Tryon: Plush Meet facilitates smooth & real-time Tryon over a video call. The buyers will be able to try new products on the video call itself. AR will make the entire experience not only interactive but exciting too.
  3. Adjustments at your service: Plush Meet lets you dive into a personalized experience where one can adjust the jewellery as per their wish. Personalization always drives engagement and builds longer customer relationships. Hence, everything gets personalized.
  4. Capture the best moments:  Plush Meet is all about the WOW feeling from the moment you start AR video shopping. Ever wanted to preserve what you just tried? It’s available at the click of a button. Click, and yay, we’ve captured the WOW image.
  5. Chat & Share: Plush Meet not only offers an efficient way for video shopping but also provides the chat & share function. One can even chat during the ongoing video call & also share photos & make their moment memorable.

The whole world is looking forward to the future of augmented reality because it can make our lives more secure and hassle-free. PlushMeet can make the impossible possible. Humans have always strived to improve themselves through exploration and invention. Augmented reality video shopping  is a representation of this intrinsic human trait.

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