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Wondering What is AR Video Shopping? Here are all the deets

Heard about ordinary video calls? There are many video calling apps, and the best one depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are just calling your friend or grandparents, the pre-installed app on your phone may suit you just fine. But If you want to hold a video meeting to cater to your customers then a professional virtual meeting app like PlushMeet, the AR Video Shopping is designed for exactly that.

PlushMeet is a secure platform that provides users with Augmented Reality features so that consumers can try virtually over the video call itself before making an actual purchase. This is perfect for buyers who are shopping remotely and negates the need for everyone to travel to one place. All you need is a laptop or mobile and an internet connection.

What is AR Video Shopping?

An AR video calling is pretty much what it sounds like: a video call that gives access to video as well, lets the person try on virtually over the video call itself. This is perfect for keeping in touch with consumers if you can’t see them in person, and also for consumers if they are shopping remotely.  AR Video Shopping is the next best thing to meeting face to face.

PlushMeet & its deets! 

Our all-new innovation is a video shopping platform powered by AR (augmented reality) that lets retailers make their consumers try products before they make an actual purchase. Plush Meet combines the fun of live video shopping with the convenience of Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality Video Shopping will enhance the overall experience of buyers shopping online. 

PlushMeet includes 

  1. High-quality Audio/Video: Plush Meet provides Full HD audio & video calling & supports every device so that retailers can connect to their online clients without any hassle at any time, anywhere.

  2. Real-time Tryon: Plush Meet facilitates smooth & real-time Tryon over a video call. The buyers will be able to try new products on the video call itself. AR will make the entire experience not only interactive but exciting too.


  3. Adjustments at your service: Plush Meet lets you dive into a personalized experience where one can adjust the jewellery as per their wish. Personalization always drives engagement and builds longer customer relationships. Hence, everything gets personalized.

  4. Capture the best moments:  Plush Meet is all about the WOW feeling from the moment you start AR video shopping. Ever wanted to preserve what you just tried? It’s available at the click of a button. Click, and yay, we’ve captured the WOW image.

  5. Chat, Share: Plush Meet not only offers an efficient way for video shopping but also provides the chat & share function. One can even chat during the ongoing video call & also share photos & make their moment memorable. 


E-commerce has brought a revolutionary change in the retail business & with new innovations such as Plush Meet, the future of video shopping looks more promising than ever. Brands that will have a thoughtful approach will be able to leverage this technology for the growth of their businesses. The innovation of AR video shopping technology has been made keeping in mind the exponential growth in the sale of AR-supported mobile devices and also the retail industry, that can now employ unfailing and reliable AR technology, which will benefit customers, retailers, the makers of the products and the distributors at large.

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