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Ayush: hi, how you doing?

Neha: hello, I am good.

“So what’s up, kya chal raha he (what are you doing now-a-days?)”; Ayush asked with a bit of excitement, as he was talking to a friend after almost half a year. 

“Hey listen! I have joined a company, and the training has just begun”

Ayush: Oh that’s nice!, when did you join?

Neha: Just 2 days ago.

Due to lockdown A and N were not in touch for long, and got a chance to speak to each other after 6 months. Soon after they got on a call, they started discussing their professional lives, Neha talked about her new job at Plushvie and Ayush had joined his family business.

Ayush: So what do you do at Plushvie except gossiping?

Neha: Shut up, I don’t do that always. Actually, I am a content developer over here at Plushvie. Basically, it is a startup thatcame up with a new idea of virtual jewelery try-on.Have you heard about lenskart?

Ayush: Yeah, what about that?

Neha: My Company is doing the same but instead of spects we are doing this trial thing with jewelry.

Ayush: Oh really!!!! Is it possible with ornaments? Tell me more about it. As you know we have a jewellery store at home, it might help. Zindagi me pehli baar tune kuchhkaamkibaatki he. (For the very first time, you talked sense)” Ayush laughed.

Neha:  Will you ever stop trolling people? But listen, you should really check it out. I think you might like it. The AR thing is trending and you should make use of it. Are you planning for digital marketing?

Ayush: Yeah I know what you’re trying to say. Stop selling things to me.

Neha: Nahi re, I am sure you will thank me later. Just check it out how cool jewellery looks on your face if you adopt it. I have seen it inside out. Trust me, it’s worth the exercise. .

Ayush: Tell me more about it. I don’t have a website, will it still work?

Neha: See, I am not selling here, but once you try a demo version, you will love the AR part of it. For everything else, like website, digital marketing and all, we have a team here.

Ayush:  Sounds good. Can I have a Free Trial for me?Akhirkuchh to benefit milnachahiyeteri job ka. (I should at least take some benefit from your job).

Neha: You are such a Baniya, you always ask things for free… Cool, let me just talk to the sales team here and arrange a conversation with you. But, make sure you don’t screw it up. My training period is not over yet. You better be nice.

Ayush: It depends how much discount you arrange for me.

Neha: Let’s see. You owe me a treat for suggesting this to you.

Ayush: Let me have a trial and then I will decide.

Neha: Cool. Let’s talk tomorrow once I check with the team. Now, don’t waste my time. Bye.

Do you think, Aysuh will adopt jewelTry  and upgrade his business digitally?

Don’t wait for Ayush to decide. If you want to adopt it now, Register here for FREE.

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