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Web Development Trends to Watch For in 2023

Take a look at the hottest web development trends you need to look out for this year to stay ahead of your competitors!

The future is online – this reality can be reflected in the fact that there are more than 5 billion daily users of the internet, with more than 1.5 billion websites existing to cater to the people. With our ways of living becoming increasingly digital, new web technologies are giving brands more and more opportunities to connect their businesses to global audiences.

As a website owner, it is essential that you stay in touch with the latest developments in web tech to stay a step ahead of your competitors. Keep your brand website updated by incorporating some of these trends to provide your users with an impeccable user experience. Let’s dive in!

  1. Progressive web apps (PWA)

Progressive web app (PWA) technology is among the top trends in web development. A PWA runs independently of the browser, interacting with the customer as a native app and works as a site with an almost full native mobile app experience.

Here’s a list of benefits that PWAs bring to both users and brand owners:

  • Provides reduced development and support costs with easy distribution & smooth installation
  • Saves device power and storage
  • Enhances speed
  • Offers offline app usage
  • Boosts website’s engagement and conversion
  • Offers seamless maintenance and updating
  1. Responsive Site Design 

Mobile devices account for over 58% of web traffic worldwide. Additionally, almost 3/4th of global e-commerce sales are completed on mobile. Therefore, it is crucial for jewellery businesses to take a mobile-first approach to web development.

  1. Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is embedding itself in our lives at a brisk speed. Statista states that the global XR (AR, VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality)) markets will rise from nearly $28 billion to $250 billion by 2028. Many jewellery businesses are already using AR software to create immersive, enriching shopping experiences for their customers.

You can take your jewellery brand to the next step of evolution today. We can help!

  1. Content Personalization

Ever since the rise of eCommerce websites, the internet has become a global marketplace for jewellers to set up their stores for the world. However, with a huge traffic of online marketplaces, your jewellery store needs to create relevant, interesting, and useful content for users that breaks through the noise of countless other jewellery stores.

Twilio’s 2022 State of Personalization Report says that 62% of users abandon shopping from businesses that do not personalize their content and user experience. Buyers look for valuable experiences that make their shopping experiences memorable and fun.

  1. Smart e-commerce web development

2023 predicts eCommerce web development to get smarter and more adaptive to the needs of the users. Throw the standard designs and web layouts out the window and experiment with more automated solutions for your jewellery business that can not only give your customers a better experience but also make it unforgettable. 

Put your jewellery store at the forefront of smart web interfaces today. Get in touch with an expert!

  1. Motion UI

Today’s consumers don’t only expect faster and mobile-friendly digital experiences — they also want richer and more interactive ones.

That’s one reason Motion UI has become so popular. Motion UI is a front-end framework that enables developers to build fully responsive websites and mobile applications and to use predefined motions within a native app setting. Using this framework, you can make an element slide, spin, bounce, transition, and more.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

More than 70% users, in a survey, indicated that the page speed of an online shopping store severely affects whether or not they complete a purchase. Accelerated mobile pages, first introduced by Google in 2015, give users a smooth and rapid usage experience, making it enriching and keeping the users engaged for a longer period of time. This provides for seamless user experiences and decreased bounce rates. AMPs can also help jewellery businesses increase their conversion rates.

As a jewellery website owner, you can easily catapult your brand to the next stage by emulating some or all of these web development trends into your website. Remember, as an online jewellery shopping store, it is important that you cut through all the noise on the internet to reach your target audience and make the best use of technology to provide your users with a one-of-a-kind experience.

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