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Virtual Try-On Options For Jewelry This Valentine’s Day

Modern technologies like augmented reality are changing every aspect of our lives and making it more helpful day by day. With this exciting technology, make your Valentines more special than before. This year valentines may not be the same as all other years due to the outbreak, but that clearly does not mean it shouldn’t be special & exciting. 

What makes the augmented reality unique

AR technology adds digital details to our physical world. This platform adds layers of information to any real-world physical object by projecting digital graphics on it. AR technology lets you personalize your gifts and add a surprising element to it.  

According to the National retail federation, valentine’s day spending will be up to 32% or even more. On this valentine’s day gifting jewellery will be much easier with AR. 

Augmented reality helps you to select jewellery for every occasion and it is a more interactive process. AR allows you to try beautiful designs of bracelets, earrings, and pendants virtually without stepping in the store and you can also order online your favourite designs which suits you the most.  All you need to do is try them on at the comfort of your home & then place the right order.

Plushvie Offers Virtual Try-On To Your Loved Ones

It’s no surprise that Couples choose valentine’s day to put beautiful jewellery pieces on it. With Plushvie, you can try the beautiful piece of jewellery and gift it to your loved one. Girls get confused easily when it’s come to choose a bracelet, necklace or any piece of jewellery. JewelTry helps to get rid of this confusion and helps to select the most beautiful piece that will suit your loved ones the most. You can also click and share them before making a purchase.

Necklace and bracelets try-on select the one that suits best on your loved one

Luxury Companies have launched AR features before some months that helps to reduce the return rate of the product. When consumers get a chance to augment their favourite piece of necklace or bracelets, it gives them the confidence to purchase online without having any second thought regarding the design. 

AR try-on features available through the website or even independently allows the consumers to see the bands, watches and bracelets on their wrist, with the approx dimensions of the product.


Trying the product before heading to the shop is the way that makes the consumer more confident while purchasing. Nowadays couples want to give extraordinary gifts to their partner. Giving a gift on this valentine’s day by using augmented reality is one the unique ideas. Use Augmented reality and make your special one feel even more special.

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