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TRY before BUY bridging the gap between brands & customers through immersive experiences

Augmented Reality has the potential to play an enormous role in bridging the gap between brands and customers in the retail industry. Augmented Reality can make it possible by digitizing its retail business and focusing more on the online aspect of the shopping experience. It’s the ability of AR to bring objects to life that makes it such an interesting piece of technology. 

AR is still relatively very new in the market, but its charm is definitely irresistible, which is why it lures away so many investments. The AR market is expected to grow to a humongous industry of around $133 billion by the end of 2021, according to Zion Market Research.

Augmented shopping allows the customers to engage with a brand’s products in such a way that they can try the product and even customize the product virtually. Features like these go a long way in helping a brand to gain the trust of the shoppers. Augmented shopping completely depends on how emerging technology like AR is perceived by the customers. But by analyzing the current trends, it is quite evident that AR is accepted by both brands and customers alike. 

Augmented Reality in Jewellery Business?

 61% of users would rather buy in a shop with AR experience than in another. Jewellery stores are no different. Both physical and online shops in this industry need to upgrade to stay competitive. Through augmented reality, a jeweller can optimise its sales process & can create an interactive way of shopping. Augmented reality has found a strong foothold in jewellery retail as well. Businesses are using this technology to provide a new level of interaction between the customers & their products, either online or in-store.

According to the AR Retail survey:

1) 72% of customers purchased items they didn’t plan to buy because of augmented reality.

2) 71% of customers shopped more when they used AR. 

3) 61% preferred stores with AR experiences. 

4) 55% say AR makes shopping more fun.

6) 40% are ready to pay more if they test products with AR. 

(Source: retail perceptions)

TRY before BUY

The Try before Buy feature in AR initially came to the spotlight when shark brands like Gucci, Converse, Sephora, etc. incorporated mirror and try-on features into their websites and apps. The technology was an immediate hit among the customers because it enabled them to try different makeups, shoes, clothes without even having to go to the respective stores.

When it comes to assessing the emerging technologies to provide an enhanced shopping experience to the customers, retail industries come first. Retailers are going all-in on AR to engage the potential customers with their products in the best way possible.  

After AR proved its importance in the retail market, many other brands started integrating AR into their business structure. Brands are using high-end technology to provide an immersive and unique experience to their customers. These brands also collect information about the trends and shopping behaviour of their customers, which will help them in designing the product or technology in a way that will immensely satisfy the customers.

Going forward, customers will demand improvements in the current technology because ultimately they will be looking for ways to simplify their everyday lives. These demands will force the brands to improve and keep up with the trends and quality of the shopping experience on a regular basis. 

Upgrade your jewellery story with Plushvie!

Plushvie offers a real-time & smooth jewellery try-on experience online. It is highly recommended for every Jewellery retailer who wants to expand their business and cater to Millennials. Plushvie’s virtual try-on makes a huge difference in the overall shopping or purchasing experience of the end-users. It can be in-store or shopping through a website, Plushvie provides the consumer with a realistic &  personalised experience. With Jewel-try integrated for your website or in-store Consumers will be able to try an infinite number of jewellery and other products no matter where they are at that moment & make the right choice.

JewelTry is made by using Artificial Intelligence in which you can try a variety of jewellery online without any hassle. We have expert developers and designers to give you this flawless virtual jewellery trial online at your comfort with extreme ease.  To book your demo or discuss how you can increase your business through augmented reality, visit our website now.

How does the TRY before BUY feature provide such an immersive experience?

  1. Provides In-Depth Information:-

The reason people prefer buying from stores is that they can have in-depth information about the product before they actually have to buy it. And people only tend to buy the products if they trust the quality of the product. Online shopping doesn’t let them have that experience, but, on the other hand, by virtually looking at the product they can have an in-store-like experience and analyze the products’ features like colour, size, etc. more closely before buying them.

AR gives them the ability to have complete information about the product they’re investing in, which greatly satisfies them and they will ultimately start trusting the brand name. And also provides them with full information about the product. 

  1. Enhance the Brand’s Name In The Market:-

By integrating AR into the brand will greatly improve the company’s brand name in front of potential customers. This is simply because people are fascinated by the technology you are offering, which is ultimately helping them shop in a much more creative and innovative manner.

AR will hugely help in driving a monumental interest in the brand’s products and services as they can relate to the products in a much better way. Brands can also partner with other top brands to keep the customers in their loop and provide an immersive experience by also promoting their brand name.

AR largely focuses on providing an immersive shopping experience at home. Retailers are just getting to know the power of the TRY before BUY feature in AR for creating an enjoyable experience at every stage of shopping online.  

Creating an immersive shopping experience helps strengthen the connection between a brand and its consumers, which also requires certain information about the consumers to structure the products accordingly. Brands that are mainly focused on providing a delightful experience to the customers are working exceptionally hard to incorporate the TRY before BUY feature in their company.

The key to a good relationship between the brands and customers is the brand’s ability to analyze the customer’s buying behaviour and provide them with the improvements they’re expecting. And this will eventually help increase the bond on a personal level between the brands and customers.

By accepting AR as an integral part of the business structure, brands are taking the shopping experience up a notch and are completely changing the way the retail industry is going to contribute to the development of AR technology. The TRY before BUY feature also goes a long way in defining your competitiveness in the market among other brands. Most of the jewellery brands have already made AR a part of their business strategy to serve their customers in a better way. When brands are committed to understanding the customer’s needs and providing them with an enhanced experience and in a personalized manner. This will play an immense role in bridging the gap between the brands and customers.


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