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Top 5 Social Media Live Content Ideas for Jewellers

What is live content and how does it bring customers? Read to find how you can leverage the power of live content!

Did you know? People watch an average of 19 hours of video content per week. Don’t believe us? Ask your friends how much Netflix they binge-watched last weekend, or how many reels they scrolled through on Instagram today. As social media becomes more video-content-centric, we would like to tell you about live video content and how it can change the game for your social media handle.

Why should you create Live Content for your Jewellery Store?

  • Live content ranks comparatively higher than other content, especially on Facebook.  
  • Many viewers find live content to be more genuine than a pre-scripted advertisement. This allows you to create more genuine connections with your customers.
  • Live content gives your brand a face – an identity. It shows users that there’s a real person behind the logos and graphics and the jewellery, allowing you to form a lasting connection with your users.

Live content can make all the difference to your social media and marketing. But how do you know what works and what doesn’t? Read on to find our top five picks for live content!

  1. New Product Launches & Other News

Did you know, about 68% of people prefer watching news through videos rather than reading about them? Live videos can be a great tool to tell your users about exciting news, offers, product launches, giveaways and seasonal discount offers!

  1. About you, Collaborations, Takeovers & Guests

Putting a face to a jewellery store can help your customers see you as not just another jeweller, but as a person, forming a human perception of your brand. Just like people love knowing what their favourite celebrities like and don’t like, they would also love to know where you get inspiration to create your jewellery and how you do it!

Not just that, you can even invite an influencer or a jewellery designer for a day to take over your Instagram, enabling their followers to access to your brand. It doesn’t have to be anyone famous! It could be anyone who could keep your customers engaged and excited.

  1. Behind the Scene, Process Videos, Jewellery Videography 

Instagram is popular for behind-the-scenes live content. The process is easy, making it more appropriate and compatible for giving a queek behind-the-scenes-peek at your business. Here are some BTS ideas you can get started with:

  1. A quick view of your workstation, your people, or your office interior.
  2. Showcasing the different materials you use for jewelry making and giving them a preview of your design process.
  3. Sharing snippets of live office events and celebrations to humanize your brand.
  4. Take users behind the scenes of your jewelry models’ photoshoot.

People love seeing how things are made and jewelry is no different, especially those who have no jewelry making experience themselves. Who wouldn’t want to watch a sheet of metal being turned into a beautiful pendant?

Not just that, using jewellery videography as live content is also great content! It allows your customers a more intimate look into your jewellery piece.

  1. Q&A

Q&A can be one of the easiest, most direct and authentic ways of connecting with your customers. Live streaming Q&As help you build a strong connection with your followers by simply answering whatever questions they have about your company, your employees, and your brand in a more engaging way. You can even run audience polls to understand their satisfaction with your jewellery store and also get their feedback in real time.

  1. Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way of allowing your audience a sneak peak into your life as a jeweller. But you don’t have to tutor them on how to make jewellery! Here are some easy tutorials you can get started with:

  1. Easy tips on how to take care of jewellery pieces
  2. Quick tips on how to clean jewellery
  3. Ways to style jewellery according to outfits or face type

In short, live videos can help you broaden your marketing campaign. They can also help you experiment with what works with your audience and what doesn’t. Moreover, it gives you more avenues to connect with your audience. 

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