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Tips to Optimize your Product Page

Re-structure SEO for your products page to increase sales with these 5 easy steps!

It’s 2022. You’re already playing it smart by taking your jewellery store online. You’ve built a website and are also handling your store’s social media- and they’re bringing in a lot of good, organic traffic. Yet, one thing remains: your traffic is not converting into sales. What could possibly be the issue? 

Creating and maintaining an online presence has become crucial, especially since the pandemic. Online shopper statistics climbed from 1.32 billion in 2014 to 2.05 billion in 2020.

According to Statista, about 75% of online shoppers shop at least once a month. 

With such a massive number of buyers using online mediums to shop, it is crucial for jewellery brands to have an online presence. About 63% of shoppers begin their shopping journeys at Google. Therefore, it is important for you to also consider the Search engine results page (SERP) that can not only help buyers discover your brand but also convert potential customers into actual buyers. 

To help you strengthen your online sales, we list down five elements that can optimize your product page. Read along!

  1. Quality over Quantity

Research has shown that readers prefer information presented with/through images to just text. Information accompanied with images is also better retained, with 64% of people believing that the quality of images plays an important role in the same. You may think – why does the quality matter anyway?

Remember – it is important to build trust with your online buyers. They have to be treated with the same care that you’d treat a customer who comes to your jewellery store. Only, your online buyers cannot touch or feel the items. Therefore, you should give them all the reasons to go ahead with their purchase; and for that, it is crucial that they can see every little detail of your jewellery online. 

Pro tip: Your website should also allow your buyers to zoom in on the product images to allow them a better view of the jewellery. You can also choose to add a 360-degree view video of your product instead of images!

A regular, detailed, high-resolution photo of a choker necklace

Jewellery image, zoomed in

  1. Optimal, Informational content

Content can play a huge role in drawing your customers in or away. This is what you can change to create a difference on your products page:

  • Re-write your product titles & Descriptions; write descriptions that describe the unique character of each product
  • Make sure to include the name, brand and model of each product.
  1. Fast-loading webpages & Mobile Optimization

Since most of your buyers will find you through mobile phones more than through their desktops and laptops, you should make sure that your web pages can be loaded on mobile phones easily.  If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your customers may totally avoid interacting with your website altogether. 

Fast-loading webpages will get your content in front of your target audience faster and provide a better user experience.

  1. Strong Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

Remember – it should be easy for your website visitors to find the way to purchase your products. It shouldn’t take them longer than 5-10 seconds to find where your purchase button is – or they might head over to your competitor’s website. 

Besides regular buying options, Augmented Reality now allows you to place video calls to try out jewellery in real-time. Integrate your jewellery store with AR today!

  1. Keep your Seasonal Pages even after the Peak Period

Many customers shop for excess jewellery in unique stretches of the season, some of which may be the peak Wedding season or the Akshaya Tritiya season. Once the time period of these expires, it may make sense to remove these pages as they serve no real purpose afterwards, but it also causes you to repeat the struggle of creating these pages the next year.

Optimizing product pages is extremely important to drive qualified traffic to your website, which can turn into sales. Optimizing your jewellery store website helps you evolve with technology and buyer behavior and puts you ahead of your competition!

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