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Tips to gain new Customers on Instagram

A picture is worth a Thousand Words. Read on to understand how to make your jewellery store aesthetic game better than your competitors!

Social Media has changed the way we communicate and connect with people forever. What once started with allowing people to share their life updates with their loved ones has now transformed people’s behaviours and continues to influence our thoughts, decisions and shopping habits.

When a jewellery store registers its presence online, they open up its brand to the world. When the stakes are that high, it is important that your online persona conveys the essence of your brand to people who cannot physically visit your jewellery store.

Photos and videos, more than anything, have a dazzling effect on social media. So we thought it would be a good idea to share a few dos and don’ts about what to keep in mind when photographing your jewellery inventory. After all, if your jewellery images can’t convince your shoppers to buy jewellery from your brand, how else do you convince them?

Did you know that out of the 42% of online shoppers who made a purchase decision they later regret, 22% of the surveyed online shoppers say that they decide to return because the product delivered looked different? The number of people returning their purchase can be reduced greatly if brands upload clear pictures and videos that portray the true nature of their products.

At least 30% of people have purchased a product from a brand they discovered on Instagram. So, how do you make your Instagram feed more sell-worthy? Let’s take a look!

  1. Introduce your new Products without spamming your audience

When posting about a new product launch, keep the number of posts/photos to a minimum. The more frequently you post about the same thing, the more audience you may lose. If you have more content to post, you can always share it through stories, a temporary way to give your audience a glimpse into what you’re upto without posting it to your feed.

  1. Connect & Communicate with your Followers!

Instagram, Facebook LinkedIn & Twitter are termed social media for a reason. They help you reach out to people and socialize with them. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you talk to your audience. You can:

  • Hold giveaway offers to attract new people
  • Announce seasonal discounts to encourage shopping
  • Repost people’s photos and stories when they post about their purchase
  • Reply to people’s comments on your posts
  • Most importantly, make sure you’re responsive to people’s DMs & inbox messages that give them a direct link to your brand.
  1. Show your audience a sneak peek into your creative process

Do you know who loves a good story? Everyone! Every once in a while, take the audience backstage of your brand and give them a glance into your creative process. Give them an insight into the vision you have for your brand to show your core values and make your audience feel like they know you!

  1. Keep your language crisp & easy to understand

Instagram has 800 million active users monthly. Hence, it is a perfect platform for your promotional activities, games, giveaways, sales, and other promos. The fact that you can make such an announcement or launch whatever promotional activities you’re having through product images makes it more appealing to your target audience. It’s the most sensible approach given that Instagram is a popular platform for all things visual. This isn’t a place for your audience to read lengthy captions. Remember, the sooner you get their attention, the better for your bottom line.

  1. Take your audience to your events

Have you been to any events lately? Take your audience with you by showing videos or photos of the event. Customers want experiences, and if they can’t be there with you, they’d be glad to be kept updated about the happenings. It helps in brand visualization and establishes a genuine appearance for your brand.

  1. Use the power of videos 

Instagram of all platforms is a place where you can visually appeal to your audience more than any other place. Videos are an even better option to show your products. You can put in tutorial videos or 360-degree product view videos to add some spark to your feed and give your audience something more than just photos of your product.

Your Instagram feed is the first thing your audience sees when they visit your profile. Make sure to leave a positive lasting impression – one that makes your brand memorable and salable.

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