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The Secret to encouraging Customer Loyalty

How does one stand out in the ever-expanding jewellery industry? Here are our top 3 tips to gain customer loyalty for your jewellery store!

Brand growth.

Old and new research has shown that it is easier to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. Though both aspects are important for business growth, you can grow exponentially through the loyalty of your previous and existing customers. Converting one-time buyers into repeat purchasers can help you steady your revenue stream, among many other benefits.

Yet, encouraging customer loyalty isn’t child’s play. So how do you get started with it? Read along for our top picks on building a loyal customer base.


According to a Forbes study, 40% of marketing executives report that personalization has a direct impact on maximizing e-commerce sales, basket size and profits.  

  1. Know your Customers: Don’t be afraid of getting a little chummy with your customers. When you go out to inquire about them, ask them about their birthdays and their preferences and feedback about what they like and dislike about your store. You can then use this information to send them automated and personalised greetings on their birthdays and also incorporate their feedback to provide them with a better shopping experience at your jewellery store. 
  2. Create a Customer Loyalty Program: Many apps that keep a record of your repeat customers are now available on the app store. You can use these apps to track how many times a customer has shopped from your store and reward them with loyalty points which they can use to get a discount or other offers on their next purchase.

Personalization Tools

Augmented Reality offers shoppers the possibility of personalisation, directly impacting sales. About 61% of shoppers prefer brands that offer AR experiences over those that don’t; with 40% of customers willing to pay more for a product if they’ve experienced it via AR. Jewellers who want to make a mark digitally should invest in AR technology such as JewelTry which specifically caters to jewellery brands. 

Digital marketing tools can prove to be immensely helpful while designing a personal experience for your customers. Read about Plushvie’s top picks for digital marketing!

  1. Smooth in-store/online store experience

Getting your customer to arrive at your physical store or online website is only the first of the many steps before you even begin to make an impression on them. 

What are you doing to make their shopping experience better after they’ve arrived at your store or landed on your website?

Make sure they feel welcome and are paid attention to. But mostly, make sure that their entire experience, from browsing through your jewellery to completing their payment transaction is a smooth, seamless process. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, the importance of which can be guessed through the fact that many studies have found that the Customer Engagement Solutions Industry, valued at $15 Billion in 2020 is expected to reach $31.1 Billion by 2026.

  1. Communication
  1. Enforce your brand values: What does your business do best? What are your unique offerings? What do you value most? Your answers to these questions will help you frame your brand, which is an important part of attracting loyal customers. To really connect with buyers, you have to stay true to your brand and focus on what you do best.
  2. Use Social Media to Engage with more customers: Guess who’s on social media these days – everyone! The online world has expanded so much that if you’re not online, many of your customers might not find you that relevant. 

Social Media is a huge marketing resource which can be used to connect to your existing customers and even fetch new ones! Your social media persona is important to help customers look at you as not just a brand, but as an organisation with values. When using social media to communicate, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you communicating with your customers in an authentic way?
  2. Do your posts resonate with your target audience? 
  3. Does your brand voice align with your values and offerings? 

Building customer loyalty is like painting a wall. It may take a long time to dry, but you have to make sure that you paint across all corners of the wall to ensure it brightens up your room (in this case, benefit your jewellery business!). 

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