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PlushMeet, where Shopping comes to life

The way people have started shopping through e-commerce, the evolution of technology is clearly evident. According to a recent survey, 83% of online consumers now shop online more than five years ago. Now, consumers’ expectations are changing rapidly which makes it necessary for retailers to adopt technologies & meet increased consumer demands. After the pandemic one thing is for sure, the most successful retailers will be those who will find new & innovative ways to connect with their customers. 

The Growing Need for Convenience?

Believe it or not but everyone demands convenience! Look at it this way, do you wish to queue up to pay your bills? Or would you rather merely browse a little here & there, make an online purchase & checkout within no time! 

But here is the TWIST! To make it even more convenient, we can provide you with Trying Online Inside The Video Call Before Making A Purchase. Yes, you read that right! PlushMeet, the all-new video shopping platform will allow jewellery retailers to provide a personalized experience to their consumers & cater to their needs in a surreal manner. 

The jewellery retailers can book online video calling slots with their customers. When the customer joins, the jeweller can ask the buyer to augment different jewellery pieces on themselves before making an actual purchase. The buyer can Resize the jewellery, Adjust the jewellery as per their needs, Capture beautiful pictures & lastly Chat with the jewellery in the ongoing video call. All of these things are possible with just a simple click inside the video call.

Sounds like the New Normal!

In 2020, the customer conversion rate for AR engaged users increased by 90%. The potential of augmented reality in the retail industry in 2021 cannot be ignored. The seemingly unstoppable rise of e-commerce, sophisticated customer analytics, personalized sounds, and smells, digital mannequins that “know” your shopping preferences, automated home delivery—these are just some of the elements that will shape the shopping experience in the coming years. 

Consumers are shopping online more and more than ever before. In such unprecedented times, buyers are looking for e-commerce websites that can provide them with an ultimate personalized experience. Now with time consumers have discovered that video shopping is the solution to their problems. 

Source: ET News

With PlushMeet, our aim is to bring shopping technology to life. PlushMeet has endless opportunities for jewelry retailers & other Plush brands. Plush Meet can help businesses achieve the growth of 45% or more through Augmented Reality. Video Shopping is fast becoming a favorite way for shoppers. It offers an easy way of trying and shopping for the products they love. With Augmented Reality, exponential growth will certainly be the reality.

Altogether, retail shopping and technology are becoming increasingly more dependent on each other. As time progresses, retail companies can be sure that they will need to adapt to the changes in consumer interaction in order to stay competitive. If a consumer can have a convenient range of tools available to them as they shop, the consumer can be sure that they are making a good decision by shopping at a particular location. The retailer can ultimately benefit from the continued business of a satisfied customer. In this way, technology has changed retail to create a situation that both the retailer and the consumer can feel good about. 

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