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PlushMeet – The video call you will always remember

 is a unique video shopping platform. It combines live video shopping with the convenience of Augmented Reality, which makes the entire video shopping experience user-friendly and super interactive. On PlushMeet we ensure to make your meetings memorable.  After the pandemic one thing is for sure, the most successful & remembered retailers will be those who will find new & innovative ways to connect with their customers. Video calls are always more memorable than audio calls but when you add an AR flavour to the video call, the experience is unforgettable.

Shopping behaviour is changing fast. Consumers are shopping online more and more than ever before. In such unprecedented times, buyers are looking for e-commerce websites that can provide them with an ultimate personalised experience. Now with time consumers have discovered that video shopping is the solution to their problems. 

All about the PLUSH Calls

PlushMeet guarantees that retailers of Plush Brands will be able to provide a Plush experience to its end customers. Our all-new innovation is a video shopping platform powered by AR (augmented reality) that lets retailers make their consumers try products before they make an actual purchase. Plush Meet combines the fun of live video shopping with the convenience of Augmented Reality. 

PlushMeet includes 

1) High-quality Audio/Video: Plush Meet provides Full HD audio & video calling & supports every device so that retailers can connect to their online clients without any hassle at any time, anywhere.

2) Real-time TryOn: Plush Meet facilitates smooth & real-time Tryon over a video call. The buyers will be able to try new products on the video call itself. AR will make the entire experience not only interactive but exciting too.

3) Adjustments at your service: Plush Meet lets you dive into a personalized experience where one can adjust the jewellery as per their wish. Personalization always drives engagement and builds longer customer relationships. Hence, everything gets personalized.

4) Capture the best moments:  Plush Meet is all about the WOW feeling from the moment you start AR video shopping. Ever wanted to preserve what you just tried? It’s available at the click of a button. Click, and yay, we’ve captured the WOW image.

5) Chat, Share: Plush Meet not only offers an efficient way for video shopping but also provides the chat & share function. One can even chat during the ongoing video call & also share photos & make their moment memorable.

In many instances shopping through video calls do not guarantee you sales. consumers do look at products online & even show interest but eventually, they are of the opinion that they will come back to you or they will let you know about making a purchase. With PlushMeet one thing is for sure, your customers will not lose interest while shopping, in fact, it will be an interactive video shopping experience where consumers will not lose sight of your products & will love to try as much as possible. The customer retention rate can increase & there are high chances that your existing customers become a source of bringing in new customers. After all, we all know word of mouth is the best form of marketing to date.

PlushMeet for the most memorable moments 

With the introduction of PlushMeet, our aim is to make the entire shopping experience fun & convenient at the same time. The value of the global video conferencing market reached $7.87 billion in 2020 from $3.85 billion in 2019 and is expected to drop to $6.03 billion in 2021. According to video conferencing statistics for 2021, the growth of the market is projected to reach a CAGR of 11.45% in the years 2020 to 2026. We believe that the experience of consumers on PlushMeet will be recalled & remembered for a lifetime. This is because trying jewellery inside the video call itself & then adjust that jewellery according to the requirement is not something one does regularly. It is not only a different experience but also very fascinating & fancy. And PlushMeet has endless opportunities for Plush brands of Makeup, Jewellery & Eyewear.

(Source: Think with Google)

Still don’t believe us? Book a demonow & get surprised! 

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