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PlushMeet in a New Avatar

Take your jewellery business closer to customers! Introducing PlushMeet 2.0.

Introducing PlushMeet 2.0

When Aagam Shah, the founder of Plushvie, chose to pursue his passion over job security, his reason was simple – he wanted to integrate the beauty of technology into the traditional jewellery shopping business.

While the after-effects of COVID-19 are now washing away, it has changed the way we live and communicate. Even in the time of social distancing, we found ways to keep going, restoring connections with a little help from technology.

The heart of Plushvie lies at the intersection of inculcating the tradition of jewellery with the ease of technology. Taking that vision forward, we’re pleased to introduce to you, PlushMeet 2.0!


A video-calling platform designed especially for jewellery, PlushMeet 2.0 takes the PlushMeet you know a step further! Backed by the power of Augmented Reality, PlushMeet offers shoppers a never-seen-before immersive online shopping experience, revolutionising jewellery e-commerce. With the world developing by leaps and bounds, thanks to emerging technologies, many surveys now indicate that about 61% of shoppers prefer brands that offer AR experiences over those that don’t; with 40% of customers willing to pay more for a product if they’ve experienced it via AR.

Plushmeet features an all-new interactive dashboard and an attractive, user-friendly UI, slowing your users to experience virtual try-ons like never before! Plushmeet 2.0 comes with Plushvie’s virtual jewellery tryon, JewelTRY for necklaces, rings and bracelets too! Not just that, Plushmeet offers its shoppers a complete personalisation, allowing customers to try rings on all fingers and adjust any tried jewellery in real-time.

Blend technology into your business and take it to the next level! What’s new in PlushMeet 2.0:

  • With PlushMeet’s Group AR Video-calling feature, now allow multiple users to try jewellery altogether
  • Take the traditional AR jewellery trying limited to earrings and necklaces, a step further, enabling Ring & Bracelet TryON 
  • Through our 3-Click Product Upload, remove the background of any jewellery image in less than a minute and save time by 90% for uploading a product online, easing the entire process for jewellers.
  • Boost your business growth with PlushMeet’s data-backed Interactive Dashboard that not only keeps a track of your client meetings, your most popular/most viewed jewellery, but also gives you other interesting analytics to give your jewellery store a technological edge.

Now give your customers the convenience of contactless, unique shopping experience through our all-new PlushMeet 2.0. Transform your jewellery story with endless possibilities of Augmented Reality. Give your business the power of Augmented Reality, with the trust of encryption. Try Plushmeet 2.0, today!

Powered by Plushvie:  Jewellery, brought closer by technology.

To know more visit our website or reach out to us at

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