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Our Favourite Tips for E-commerce Website Development

Setting up your jewellery e-commerce website? We’ve handpicked a few best practices for you!

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – first impressions are important! It’s just like browsing clothing stores in a shopping mall – you go inside a store after scanning it from the outside. Similarly, depending on how your website to your visitors, they may or may not choose to continue looking.

When you’re in the process of building a website, there are certain elements that will either drive your audience away or seal the deal immediately. Your eCommerce store helps you establish your jewellery business and expands it.

Annette Matzen, eCommerce Manager for Creative Brands, says, “Be obsessive about how customers ‘flow’ through the website. Remove any barriers that prevent them from purchasing your product or signing up for your service. You don’t want your customers to ever wonder ‘how do I purchase this?’ It should be clear. Any moment of hesitation could mean the loss of a potential sale.”

In this blog, we look at our top suggestions to make your eCommerce website better and more effective. 

  1. Think like a website visitor

While designing your website – put yourself in a website visitor’s shoes. What kind of layout is going to be easiest for them to navigate? How can you organize your products in a way that makes sense for the end user? How can you simplify the checkout process?

Ultimately, there are just a few things your potential customers want in an e-commerce experience—a site that’s easy to navigate, well-designed, and makes the process of shopping easy, straightforward, and hassle-free.

When you think like your customer, you can anticipate what they want from your e-commerce store—and then design your site in order to meet those needs.

  1. Keep Things Simple

On a website, as in relationships, we advise you to keep things simple – avoid using too many colours, banners or pop-ups that take away all the attention from the main thing – your products. 

Make sure your web pages and products page is easily navigable. Remember, if your visitors have to struggle to look for your products, they will bounce off to your competitors in no time.

  1. Choose the right Platform & Theme

Choosing an eCommerce Website platform should be your first step towards building a website. Platforms like Magento & Shopify are good at handling large volumes of data that come in handy as your store takes off. It also proves helpful if you decide to engage multinational customers globally.

After the platform comes the website theme. Remember, a theme is how your customers see you on the internet, and impressions matter! When choosing the theme, make sure it:

  1. Loads quickly
  2. Is easily customizable
  3. Is visually appealing
  4. Works on all browsers
  1. Emulate Responsive Web Design to your site

Mobile Phones have officially taken over desktops as the most popular way to surf the internet – which includes shopping. 

We’ve previously spoken about responsive web design so we’ll keep this crisp – when making an eCommerce website, you need to make sure that your website responds well to browsers on not just laptops and desktops but mobile phones & tablets. 

  1. Use High-Quality Pictures & Videos

Written content can put anyone to sleep unless it’s exceptionally written. Do you know what keeps the interest of your website visitors up? Images and videos. Your Products Page needs to look classy and inviting enough for people to buy them. 

Images and videos don’t just provide vibrance to your website, but it’s also like giving full transparency to your customers, which builds trust and removes the hesitation that comes before a buyer clicks on the ‘checkout’ button!

  1. Make Payment Transactions easy-peasy

Speaking of checkout – ensure that the journey from picking products to paying for them is smooth and straightforward for your customers. Your checkout page needs to be easy to navigate and should only contain elements that help people check out faster. 

Protip: It is always assuring for a buyer to receive confirmation of their order! Do not forget to give them an immediate confirmation of their order on your webpage as well as a nice email in their inbox, thanking them for their time & purchase!

  1. Testimonials help seal the deal!

We’d like to come back to our favourite metaphor again – every relationship is built on a few basic tenets, of which trust is the most important! An eCommerce website is nothing but another way for you to nourish that trust.

When you’re buying a product from a new brand for the first time, it always helps to look at product reviews – they provide the last bit of encouragement to your customers, showing them other people’s positive experience shopping on your website. 

Designing an e-commerce website can be tricky—but now that you know the top web design tips for e-commerce, you have everything you need to design a site that not only looks amazing but converts like crazy.

So what are you waiting for? Use these tips to give your online shop the overhaul it deserves.

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