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Online shopping experience through video calling

In recent years, e-commerce has been the most successful sales model. However, to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a leading position in this vast market, it is essential to keep up with developments in the digital world.

Online shopping is all about convenience and a great customer experience. That’s why video calling is becoming the new wave in online shopping. You can easily integrate video conferencing into your existing omnichannel strategy. This increases trust and leads to more sales.

What is Video Shopping?

Video shopping is an online experience allowing customers to interact with store representatives via video calls. This real-time technology lets customers shop and buys products while conversing. It provides a personalized shopping experience, allowing shoppers to ask questions and get helpful advice from the people selling the product.

There are many types of video shopping experiences. Some stores offer video chat sessions with customer service representatives who can answer questions and provide product advice. Some retailers provide online “showrooms,” where customers may browse products and make purchases without ever leaving home.

The Benefits of Video Shopping

The video shopping application is the fastest and easiest way to meet customer demands, but sales volumes increase with live one-to-one communication. The video shopping feature has numerous benefits for your e-commerce site, four of which we will explore here. These include increased basket amount, shortened service time, and store visits. Let’s examine some of the advantages of online video shopping:

Personalized Experience

Your customers can quickly start a video call from your website or through an open chat. They can also book appointments around the clock, even when your store is closed. Plus, everything takes place in a secure and branded environment.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Customers that use video shopping have the opportunity to interact closely with products before making a purchase. A customer who has seen your products is more likely to buy than one who has only read about them online. Plus, customers are more likely to return if they have had an enjoyable video shopping experience.

Improved Customer Service

Video shopping allows you to provide customers with an interactive and personalized customer service experience. Customers can ask questions, get advice on products, or even show a product to a representative if they need help understanding it. This helps increase satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Collect Customer Insights

By staying in close personal contact with customers, sales advisors create more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. At the same time, they can track performance and get a 360-degree view of customer interactions. Video shopping also provides critical insights that help teams understand their customers better and develop marketing strategies that bring results.

Add video calling to omnichannel easily

Video shopping is a great way to give customers an engaging online shopping experience. You can easily add a video to your omnichannel strategy and provide shoppers with the personalised customer service they get in-store without overburdening your IT team. The result? More sales, higher satisfaction, and loyal customers – all achieved quickly and effortlessly.

How to use video calling for online store

One effective method of bridging the gap between offline and online shoppers is through video calling. Here is how you can use video shopping to enhance the customer experience and conversion:


Automated booking and the ability to request an instant call make video calling a great way to engage your prospects, from lead generation to closing new deals. Sales agents love it because they can schedule calls without extra manual work.

Customer Service:

Video calling facilitates real-time face-to-face interactions, allowing customers to ask questions and get answers immediately. As a result, they have more trust in your brand and are less likely to abandon the buying process.


Video calls can be used for employee onboarding, training sessions with customers and employees, product demos, or even multi-channel collaboration. The possibilities are endless!

Advice Customers

Thanks to screen sharing and co-browsing features, your customer service agents can provide fast and personal product advice whenever customers need more in-depth information.

Create a digital showroom experience

Recreation is the key to success when it comes to video shopping. Just like in an actual store, your customers want to be able to see products from all angles and get personalized advice from sales agents. By creating a digital showroom experience, you can demonstrate products, new customizations or models at moments that fit your customer’s schedule. This personalized experience online creates higher conversions overall.

Create a Kiosk-style Shopping Experience

More and more customers are looking for an interactive shopping experience. Video calling allows you to give customers an interactive kiosk-style shopping experience, allowing them to browse items, ask questions about products and services, get advice from sales agents, and even make purchases. You can provide customer service instantaneously through a video connection, even if all store personnel are busy or customers have specific questions.


Video shopping is quickly becoming the go-to way for customers to get advice and purchase products online. With its many benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more eCommerce stores are incorporating video calls into their omnichannel strategy. Video shopping helps you create unforgettable customer experiences, drive sales, and increase customer satisfaction – all in one! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start offering video shopping today!

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