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Movie Marketing Campaigns Powered By Augmented Reality

  • Sanju:

Bollywood moving are fast grabbing the technology with innovative AR movie marketing campaigns. The producers of Sanju decided to do a movie promotion and new technology. We all know that majorly people spend most of their time on social media platforms specially on Instagram and Facebook. So, they took it to Instagram and then they made a filter for the movie using AR technology. By using this filter, the audience generates more interest towards the movie. Fox Star Studios promoted ‘Sanju’ with a filter that was used by over 500,000 people in just a single week. The filter eventually had 1.7 million impressions by the end of the movie’s promotional campaigning.

  • 2.0 :

Dharma/Lyca productions released a filter on the movie 2.0 where akshay kumar plays the character of villain. Though there are many scenes where AR is used in the movie. Akshay Kumar has some deadly looks and so the production house decided to make the filter out of that in which when you open your mouth and laugh you turn into a villain Also, whopping three million impressions in under 36 hours, helping it gain extensive media coverage. They promoted this campaign worldwide to get the reach and also to create the awareness for the campaign. Fan clubs, influencers, other cast members and technical staff also helped in promoting these filters through their own social networks.

  • Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom 

Universal Studios has adopted an extensive movie marketing campaign powered by augmented reality through multiple channels. 

  • Through Facebook AR Effect

Universal Studios took the opportunity of the super bowl and they took this opportunity and decided to promote the movie ‘Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom’. They gave the campaign title of ‘You can bring Jurassic World into your world’. They promoted this filter at all their promotions and also on their Facebook. 

  •  In-Store and Home AR Experiences

   Universal Studios has started Facebook AR effects to provide them in-house and home AR experiences. So, they decided to give them this effect when they purchase the film. 

  •  Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle

 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has made a snapchat filter in which you just have two different experiences for Snapchat users.

  • Rampage: 

The ‘AR Unleashed’ application allowed consumers to add the genetically enhanced monsters prominently featured in the movie to the world around them.

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