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Jewelry retail in 2021

The value of the jewelry retail market was over 3 trillion rupees in 2016 and estimated to nearly double by 2021.

In today’s world technology is upgrading every single second with that newly upgraded technology jewelers also want to adopt it for the growth of their business. In the era of digitalization, each one of us has been started the footsteps of it.

Plushvie has come up with JEWELTRY that is based on Augmented Reality.

Let’s discuss what AR technology is and how it will help jewelry retailers to grow their business. Augmented Reality in jewelry offers the user unlimited collections of jewelry with an exclusive virtual showcase

Augmented Reality is one of the biggest technologies and soon it is going to get bigger as AR-powered smartphones and other devices become more accessible all around the world.

AR technology helps retailers to a great extent because consumers live on their mobiles. Most of them prefer to buy online rather than going outside to the offline store. According to one survey, 3.5 billion mobile AR users are projected by 2020 it means almost 1\4th population of the world.

Click here in this blog we have described How it is helpful to jewelry retailers.

Before we came up with the necklace and earring try-on in that you can augment beautiful designs of necklaces on you can select the one that suits you. You can try unlimited designs of earrings and necklaces, flaunt the look of your favorite and share it with your friends.

When we talk about accessories bracelets are something that is loved by the girls most.

On this Diwali Plushvie has come up with it a new feature that is bracelet try- on; it is the most advanced feature which we have launched. Now along with earrings and necklaces, you can even try bracelets virtually. Try, click, and flaunt with your favorite selected designs of bracelets.

Have a look at how it works and click yourself with the Most beautiful design of the bracelet.

Also, watch how we launched Plushvie 3.0 update.

Soon we are going to launch one more feature. Follow our Instagram account to know more about it .

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