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Instagram Hacks for Jewellers

Having trouble building your social media base? Scroll to read our top 5 picks to generate social media buzz around your jewellery brand!

The Jewellery industry is inevitably embracing digital life. Accelerated by the pandemic, thousands of jewellery stores have now moved online. Many are quickly adapting to this change, using the power of photography and video content to connect with their existing customers and also welcome new ones. 

So when it comes to going digital, where does social media come in; and more importantly, why is it important that you use it too?

A total of 58% of the global population is on social media – which roughly amounts to about 4.6 billion people – and today, you have the power to introduce your jewellery business to this wide consumer base, only if you know how to play your cards right.

When it comes to sharing images and videos, Instagram is undoubtedly a giant amongst a growing sea of social media platforms and applications. Over 100 million users record or tune into live videos every day. In this blog, Today we’ll be taking a look at the most popular image and video sharing platform on the planet right now – Instagram and share our top 5 Social Media hacks for the same!

  1. Choosing a Username
  • Your username can be a maximum of 30 characters. You have the option to add underscores, numbers, and additional characters.
  • Sometimes, less is more – keep your name straightforward, memorable, and consistent with your company branding
  1. Writing a Bio
  • Remember that you are never limited in your approach
  • Feel free to use the bio space for promotional campaigns, announce upcoming events, tease new product releases, and so forth.
  1. Posting

It can be overwhelming to decide what to post on your Instagram account. Remember, users are exposed to millions of images every single day, and you have a micro-second to capture their attention. Our top tips for posting jewelry related content:

  • Instagram is a photo-based app! Use your jewellery photos to make your inventory shine! You can now click professional jewellery photos with your phone! Just Need tips about clicking good jewellery photos? We got you!
  • Make sure that you keep a balance between photo and video content. Reels are immensely popular today and can help you gain a lot of traction from both existing and new customers. Your Instagram account should comprise of a rage of your jewelry designs, behind- the-scenes showcasing your jewelry, promotion/campaign announcements and lifestyles photos of your jewelry products in action!
  • Powerful captions to your Instagram posts can make all the difference. Instagram allows you to work with up to 2,200 characters in the caption; however, the text will get truncated after the 125th character so the key is to place the most important information at the beginning of your caption and all the @mentions and hashtags at the end. When writing captions, don’t forget who your target customers are and what your brand represents.
  • Creating a posting schedule can greatly expand your Instagram reach. Many Instagram businesses post daily to make sure they stay fresh and relevant to their followers. 
  1. Increasing Follower Engagement

You have to build meaningful relationships with your followers and target customers by responding to them when they reach out to you. There are many ways you can interact with them. Engage with your followers each day before and after sharing your images and stories. Spend some time on their profiles – liking and commenting on what they post!

  1. Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the best platforms for connecting with your target audience. It’s said to have 800 million monthly active users with nearly 60% of them aged 18-29. Like your regular posts, it will let you tell your story but the ads will allow you to build your brand even more by reaching well-targeted demographics.

Use call-to-action buttons like “Download”, “Learn more”, “Contact us”, and “Book now”. Unlike other ads, Instagram ads are not annoying as the only thing that distinguishes them from other visual content on the platform is the “Sponsored” label just below the Instagram name.

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