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Instagram Audience Engagement Hacks for Jewellers

In this blog, we enlist our top hacks for jewellers to promote and keep in touch with your digital audience on Instagram. Read on!

According to Omnicore, about 1074 images are posted on Instagram every second, taking the number of pictures posted per day to 95 million. Instagram users see thousands of images, videos and posts every day. It may then get overwhelming to understand what to post. If you’re wondering how and what you should do to stand out in their feed as a jewellery brand, this blog is for you!

Instagram is the undisputed king of social media when it comes to sharing images. With over 100 million users tuning in every day to record and share videos, it has become even larger since it introduced its Reels feature which is consumed with an equal frequency as that of TikTok. Even with features familiar to other social media platforms, Instagram boasts higher engagement (68%) when compared to Snapchat (48%) and Facebook (44%). Instagram should, therefore, be every jeweller’s first choice when it comes to building a social media persona for your jewellery store. 

We’ve already spoken about how you can get started on Instagram. In today’s blog, let’s take a look at how you can engage your Instagram audience.

  1. Engaging Captions

Instagram is a photo-centric platform, yes. But sometimes, it takes the power of words to give your customers the final push in engaging with your posts. Captions should be in a language comfortable to your majority audience and should consist of relatable content. You can even make it fun and add movie/pop culture references to make it more exciting!

When writing captions, don’t forget who your target customers are and what your brand represents.

  1. Balancing your feed

It is crucial to build a balance between videos and photos. Your Instagram account should comprise a range of your jewellery designs, behind-the-scenes showcasing of your jewellery, promotion/campaign announcements and lifestyle photos of your jewellery products in action!

  1. Use the power of Hashtags

Hashtags bring the power of more visibility to your Instagram posts and videos. It is important to find hashtags relevant to your brand. It makes your posts visible to other Instagram users who are using your hashtags as their search terms. 

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post but maximizing it doesn’t always guarantee results. According to a statistic, 5 to 10 hashtags are the ideal number to use in a post. 

Pro tip: You can create a unique #hashtag for your brand which can be your brand name, tagline, or something that brings out your distinct identity!

  1. Consistent Posting

It is important to post on Instagram – every day. This keeps your feed fresh and relevant and helps you increase engagement. But when it comes to deciding what time of the day you should post, you can only find out by experimenting and trial & error.

While Instagram Insights may help you get some idea about the time of the day that most of your Instagram audience is active, you can only find the time they engage the most with your posts after you’ve posted them.

Pro Tip: Although this may depend on many other factors, Google says that Wednesday is globally the best day to engage with your audience. 

  1. Talk to your audience!

Like any other social media platform, communication on Instagram only works if you put in the work too.

Use the comments section to encourage your followers to drop their comments & what they think about your post!

Even if you can’t post every day, you can utilize the power of Instagram Stories to reach out to your audience. Instagram Stories now feature polls and question prompts that can help you get your audience to respond and engage with you.

Pro Tip: Use trending music and GIFs in your stories to make your content more relatable and pleasant!

If you’re looking to try something daring, Instagram Live can come in handy too! It allows you to reach not just your followers but everyone in your surrounding location. But remember, it is important to curate your content that invites your audience to respond and write back. Live we’ve said before, social media relationships, like any other relationship, can only grow when there is a strong communication base.

Have any communication tips? Write to us!

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