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How To Sell Jewellery To Gen Z & Millenials?

How are jewellers attracting Gen Z & Millennials? Read to discover how the younger generations are embracing jewellery shopping!

In this fast-paced, tech-driven world, we may find ourselves drifting farther from the younger generations. However, there are some things that can be extremely relatable. Your grandkids, kids and younger cousins may know as little about buying authentic jewellery as you do about operating your way through Netflix. 

As a jeweller, how do you bring younger shoppers to your store, knowing that jewellery shopping has always been something that is done by the adults in the family? What are the trends that appeal to Millennials and Gen Z? We’d like to point out that even the oldest Gen Z (born in 1997) are already 25 years old as of 2022 and almost already have a disposable income – either already getting engaged or are a few years short of doing so.

Don’t be Facebook

There may be some truth to the ‘Levi’s Effect’ – if a trend, first embraced by the youth becomes popular among the adults, it repels the youngsters. Look what happened with Facebook. It went from being a cool way of getting to know your friends to parents sharing their cherished memories all over the timeline and all the kids moving to Instagram. Candy Crush has become every mom’s favorite game!

So, how do you present your jewellery store to a younger audience? In this blog, we list down six ways to make your unique place among the up and coming generation.

  1. Are you online?

If you’re still just a brick and mortar store, hesitating to take your jewellery online, this is one of the biggest reasons to shift to the realm of digital marketplace. Going digital not only allows you to reach a bigger, wider marketplace, but sends a message – that you’re ready to evolve with the changing times.

Looking for another reason to go digital? We give you four.

  1. Gamify Shopper Experience through AR/VR

Multiple businesses have drawn traffic from younger users through app gamification. Gamification allows users to interact with your offering on a more personal level, thus leading to building a unique relationship. Many existing jewellery stores, especially in the aftermath of COVID give their users the comfort of virtual tryons and use video calling to promote their offerings. You can very easily integrate Augmented Reality to your jewellery store today.

  1. Are you being yourself?

We’ve already spoken about the importance of a unique online identity in our blog outlining Instagram best practices for jewellers. Gen Z and Millennials grew up around a culture diverting from the mainstream, a culture that promotes uniqueness of self and artistic self-expression. Remember, there are more than a thousand jewellery businesses selling the same thing as you. Your unique identity sets you apart and endears you to those who value the importance of expressing themselves. And after all, what is jewellery, if not a way of expressing yourself?

  1. #relatability sells

We don’t need to tell you how memes are all the rage right now. Both Gen Z and Millennials are the first of their kind to grow with Netflix and other online streaming platforms, giving them a wider access to content previously only available to a niche audience. Whether it is the one-liner zingers of Shark Tank India or the funny relatable memes from mainstream sitcoms, memes not only bring an element of relatability but also show that you don’t take yourself too seriously – a badge that the Gen Z & Y wear with honor.

  1. Inclusivity & Sustainability

If there’s a generation that has grown around watching the effects of climate change affect their lives, it’s Gen Z & Y. Sustainable shopping is here to stay. 

Not just that, the coming generation is more sensitized to gender fluidity and continues to blur the line between traditional gender differences. Many jewellery brands have already come out with gender neutral jewellery, a trait that not only allows them a broader buyer marketplace but sends a stronger message of inclusivity. Believe it or not, gender fluid jewellery is a hot trend and is here to stay.

While it may seem that the excessive use of social media may have blown the human connection way out of proportion, all buyers love and look for a connection to the brands they are buying from, no matter what generation they belong to. 

We hope this blog shall help you understand your younger audience better.

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