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How to market an e-commerce jewellery store effectively

Read our top picks on how to sell jewellery online effectively!

With time, the role of jewellery has also evolved in human civilizations. It began with being used as a display of rank or status, and gradually became a token of trade. Today, it is not just an ornament or token, but a manner of expression. This is why, when marketed right, can make a lot of difference.

However, if you are yet to start establishing an eCommerce website for your jewellery store, we suggest you get to it. According to a report, the younger Generation (Gen Z) accounts for about 40% of global shoppers. An eCommerce store not only helps you establish your jewellery business but also expands it. If you’re still looking for reasons to do so, we give you five!

Already set up your eCommerce store? In this blog, we give you our top picks to manage it most effectively. However, if you’re looking for help setting up a website, we can help!

  1. Do your Research

The easiest way to get started with an eCommerce store is to look at what other stores are doing. E-commerce is a uniquely curated experience that aims to help customers shop from wherever and whenever. Some essential elements of an eCommerce store are:

  1. User-friendly (and mobile-friendly) interface 
  2. High-resolution, clear product photos, videos and description
  3. Seamless shopping cart & checkout features
  4. Virtual try-on features 
  1. Make a checklist

After you have an idea of what eCommerce websites are doing with their online stores, it is time to create a checklist of items that you would want to include in your own eCommerce store. 

It is also important to strategize ways you plan to reach out to existing and potential customers. In today’s time, it is essential for you to have an Instagram account for your business. Besides Instagram, you can also utilize WhatsApp and other social media apps for content marketing. To get started, you can get your eCommerce platform with the following checkpoints:

  1. Your website must include integration to your jewellery store’s Instagram and other social media handles. This will help your website visitors to also check out your store’s social profiles.
  1. An easy checkout feature is a must. If your buyers face problems in checking out, chances are they won’t end up buying anything.
  2. Incentivize your loyal customers to write reviews for their purchases. Reviews build trust and bring transparency.
  3. Another must-have for your eCommerce store is its mobile-friendliness. Most users today shop online using their mobile phones. If your website takes too long to load or is not optimized for mobile phones, it may discourage purchases from buyers.

A checklist is important to have but as your eCommerce store grows, so should your checklist. 

  1. Create a Content Marketing Strategy

After you’re done finalizing what elements you want to include in your online store, our next step is to make sure that your store stands out. Remember, every jewellery store is online today. You need to ensure that yours has a unique identity of its own. This includes choosing a third-party eCommerce platform. Read about the platforms you can use and more about digital marketing in this blog

To get started, an eCommerce platform should have the following must-haves:

  1. Support your core site functionalities.
  2. Support the number of API calls necessary for the course of everyday business.
  3. Accept the plugins (e.g. search engine optimization, social media) you need to run your online jewellery store successfully.
  4. Integrate within your existing technology stack, including your customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  1. Build Brand Awareness & Trust

Apart from your actual jewellery store, there are other ways to market your brand – some of which include:

  1. A resourceful blog that adds value to your website and your customers. These blogs can be about your store, the values you’ve built your store on, or other jewellery-related topics that your customers may find insightful. You can even use these blogs to announce offers, rewards and discounts; or invite your website visitors to giveaway contests!
  2. Your customers may or may not always end up visiting you. In that case, you can visit them instead – in their email inboxes, through personally curated newsletters. Newsletters are wonderful in the sense that they act as personal updates for all your store has to offer – fresh discounts, seasonal collections and sales, etc; and even allow them to get in touch with you more thoroughly.
  3. Another way to create awareness around your store is Pay-Per-Click ads (PPC). Unlike traditional advertising, with PPC you can really target who, where, and when your ads are shown. PPC ads are shown beside Google search results and allow you to gauge the success of various aspects of your campaign. 

These are just a few ideas you can use to launch digital marketing campaigns for your jewellery business. Concludingly, while it is important for you to give your customers ways to reach out to you, it is equally important to reach out to them – listen to them, value their feedback and let them know that you value them!

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