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How to get your Jewellery Store ready for the Wedding Season!

The wedding season is upon us! Read on to find out how to prepare your jewellery store for it!

‘Tis the season!

And we’re not just talking about Christmas. It’s the Wedding Season! Amid the winter chill, people everywhere are matching kundlis and committing to their beloveds. What does this mean for you?

There is a massive influx of shoppers – those who have been planning this for months and last-minute shoppers finalising their last-minute shopping. An early jump in the year-end holiday shopping was predicted in the last quarter of this year. Inflation has driven this trend with many shoppers growing overly concerned about the price of gift items. Consumers believed that the prices of goods will increase as the holiday nears; thus, their early preparation.

Jewellery stores will be the buzz this coming winter wedding season, and it only makes sense that we take a look at how you can prep your jewellery store for all the soon-to-be newlyweds and their well-wishers!

  1. Check and update your store website

Aside from updating your inventory, you must also update your jewellery website to ensure a seamless shopping experience once online buyers begin to browse and shop.

Overhauling your website goes beyond simply updating your shipping policy, return and refunds, or terms and conditions. You must also consider a user-friendly web design, easy navigation, and an organized product category page

  1. Ensure an effortless online shopping process

When you first land on your store website, is it easy for you to find what you’re looking to buy? Is it easy to add items to your shopping cart and checkout without too many processes? 

Online shopping takes a matter of minutes. But shoppers take a matter of seconds to change their minds about buying something. It is imperative that not delay their shopping process by asking them to, for example, fill in too many details, or ask them too many questions. 

  1. Take your store to shoppers with Augmented Reality

We’ve spoken about the massive advantages of Augmented Reality previously. But nothing takes the edge off of shopping during a wedding like Augmented Reality. With video Augmented Reality, you can offer your entire inventory to your shoppers and allow them to shop from the comfort of wherever they are, making things even smoother for them! 

Features like augmented reality video shopping, group video conferences, virtual try on jewellery, online engagement ring try on and virtual try on necklaces can help your buyers decide and place their shopping orders even more seamlessly.

  1. Offer seamless payment options

Weddings are hectic as it is. To ensure you don’t add to people’s nightmares – put yourself in their shoes and try to visualize what kind of an online shopping platform you’d prefer to get done with your wedding jewellery shopping.

In that case, you can help your customers cross one thing off their shopping lists by developing a smooth and seamless online shopping platform, aided by a hassle-free payment process. In addition, you can add the following to your process checklist:

  • Clear communication
  • Fast shipping
  • Expedited/same-day shipping and deliver

These days, a lot of shopping platforms are offering buy-now, pay-later payment options as well. You can try and explore them to give your buyers a more flexible payment gateway!

  1. Identify & Highlight ‘Wedding Bestsellers’

A very noticeable wedding trend is getting jewellery not just for the bride and the groom, but also for their closest relatives. This has led to people purchasing a lot of lighter jewellery that has lower price points. 

These days, in addition to larger necklaces, mangal sutras, tanmaniyas, traditional Polki jewellery and elaborate rings and earrings, there is also a demand for smaller pendants, rings and earrings as well. 

  1. Prepare for Last-minute Bookings

Heard of last-minute panic shopping? It happens with weddings too! Businesses often face last-minute bookings for clothes, jewellery, and even the wedding venue! Weddings are a perfect platform for drama, so be prepared. Anticipate a last-minute call and keep some space in your itinerary, your stocks and of course, your personnel. Train your staff to handle requests that may seem challenging given the supply situation.

Shopping for the wedding season is now a much more complex and mixed category than it was before. While the actual wedding jewellery for the bridal couple and immediate family remains significant, younger couples also want jewellery for other related functions. 

But more than that, it is a lengthy, tedious process that leads to a beautiful union of two people bound to each other. As jewellery stores, we must do our best to make it sparkle, seamlessly!

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