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How to create a YouTube Channel

Marketing is one of the main factors that every business must plan at great length. marketing is the most effective way to increase consumer engagement and it is also helpful to create the reputation of your business. A business may be providing superior quality service or product but without good marketing techniques, the quality of your product or service will not reach the targeted audience.

In the era of digitalization Digital marketing is one of the main sources to increase consumer engagement. There are many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and many more.

In this article, we will talk about Youtube marketing. Youtube is a video sharing service that helps users to watch the video as well as they can like comment and share the video and you can even upload your own video by creating your YouTube channel.

If you want to make the youtube channel follow the given steps.

All these are the basic steps that will help you to create a YouTube channel. And helps you to do better marketing of your brand. Also, visit our very own YouTube Channel for some amazing content.

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  1. Create Google Account: First, you need to have a Google Account. If your business does not have an account, you can create one by going to and sign in by clicking on the Sign In button. This will redirect you to the Google sign-in page. This gives you the option to create an account. If you have multiple google accounts then it’s important to check which account should be associated with the YouTube business channel.


  2. Sign-In to YouTube:  After creating a Google account, the next step is to sign up for youtube. If your google account or email id is already logged in then sign in happens automatically. And after sign in you can make your youtube channel by clicking on the user icon.


  3. Create a channel Via brand account: Next step is to create the Brand account. The brand account is needed to be created for the business youtube channel. The brand account name should be different from the name of the user, the name of the youtube channel should be related to the brand or the business. The channel can be for the brand or the product or can be for any organization or company. So after selecting the name ‘CREATE’ must be selected. This youtube channel will be visible along with the user’s personal account when you select the ‘BACK’ option.


  4.  Optimise the Channel: In this 1st step, you need to optimise your channel so that your channel will be easily discovered. On the dashboard there is an icon of “CUSTOMISE CHANNEL” and this should be selected. This will redirect you to the homepage where you find the cogwheel symbol which should be selected. Information regarding the channel will be filled in under the above mention option.

  5. Customise the channel: There are two methods- descriptive details and visualization that will help you to add information to customise the channel. The descriptive details and links can be added by selecting the ABOUT tab. In the next step, you need to add visuals to the channel, this will start with adding profile photos for your YouTube business channel. You can also change the profile photo by clicking the CHANGE button under the profile icon. You can also add a banner image for your page via the dashboard by selecting the PENCIL icon and choosing the EDIT CHANNEL ART tab. Your image should appear properly on every device.

  6. Add videos and optimise them:  Now your channel is ready and you can add videos to your YouTube business channel. You need to take care of certain things while adding videos, like your video should have titles, descriptions and tags.


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