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Augmented Reality roles in different industries

Augmented Reality roles in different industries

Augmented reality or AR is an interaction between a real world environment combined with a computer based environment. It is the ability to insert and overlay the digital and virtual information into the real world. It is predicted that AR will hit the global revenues not only by matching VR but even overtaking it.

There are many industries in which AR is used and they can ease up the industry much. AR makes things very easy and also benefiting human life too. 


There are various AR apps in the healthcare sector which helps surgeons to perform surgery on the patients. These apps help surgeons to perform the surgery easily and also perfectly on point. An app called ‘Viipar’ is used by beginner level surgeons.  This application supports video platforms and can project augmented hands on the patient, a more experienced surgeon can guide a beginner via augmented hands projected on the patients whether he is in the same location or different location. A similar app called AccuVein which helps to find the vein of the patients very easily. 

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source: medcitynews


Augmented Reality helped students and people to understand and learn about the surroundings. The British museum helps students to understand about the statues and also to give them knowledge. Also, the benefit is that AR reduces the usage of paper, physical models, posters, printed manuals. The classes become smart and also interactive so that it has a positive impact on students and also they understand the concept more. An app called NarratorApp helps students of the age from 3-5 to write in a fun and engaging way. 

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Source: thinkmobiles

Travel and Tourism: 

AR tech is helping foreign and local travellers alot. An app called Yelp Monocle which helps tourists to know about the local and famous tourist places around them. Using this app on smartphones and this AR app they can point to the particular location and the app will tell about the location and also all the information. This app has helped a lot of travelers who are travelling without any guide or info so they don’t get lost or also they come to know all the places around too. 

To know more about Augmented Reality in Travel and Tourism :

source: arpost


In the manufacturing industry AR has helped workers and vendors a lot. Using an AR it helps them to make lines and also assemble the products properly. The application of AR has also turned complex assembly operations into simpler operations. Modern times manufacturing has involved assembling hundreds and thousands of small pieces in a precise manner. To organize these instructions in an easier manner AR technology is used. An AR application Evolar is used by workers in warehouses to locate and store packages and also sort them. AR has also helped in maintaining the machines too.


The first real world application of Augmented Reality was in the heads up display or HUD in fighter jets. Using this technology, symbols are projected onto a transparent screen that shows all the functions of the gauges but more effectively. This helps the pilot to easily target the enemy and can use the weapon effectively without looking at the gauges. With this application, it has made it easier for the pilots to get the information digitally without looking it down on the gauge. 

To know more about Augmented Reality in Defense :

source: SRI international

Automotive Industry: 

After the use of AR in aircraft, the automobile industry also started using Augmented Reality to reduce the number of accidents. HUD started appearing in the cars and a BMW german motor company started its use for the first time. In this they have displayed various parameters like speed and navigation. It helps people not to lose focus while driving and also to take a look into navigators and speedometers. AR is built in such a way that it is projected from a console on a dashboard on the glass which only the driver can see.  Also, the application of AR visualizes the design of the car.

To know more about Augmented Reality in Automobile Industry:

source: pinterest


When it comes to art it’s also not left behind in the technologies. With the help of AR, the tutorials of music instruments can be created and displayed using visualization. Also, AR helps fans to watch their live performances of bands and artists. Using a green screen, the band can record their live performances which can be viewed from an AR app through your smartphone. VR will virtually take you to the live concert but AR will bring the concert onto your Smartphone.

source: stanford university


The gaming industry has achieved greater heights with the help of AR in their gaming interface. The most popular game was Pokemon Go. This app was built for smartphone users who use AR technology so that they can easily catch Pokemon Go from the surroundings. Implementing the AR technology in games has made user-experience more intense and enjoyable for the users. Also, the application of AR can be seen in real-world sports such as FIFA or NBA. Using AR, the fans are able to see the stats and analysis of the team and player during a match.

source: cxocard


Most of the business is using Augmented Reality in marketing and retailing. The customer can see the price and product in a visual manner through the AR app. In 2013, IKEA catalog came with an augmented reality application designed to recognize various pages in the catalogs and overlay animated 3D furniture. Using this AR app you can use the camera of the Smartphone and look into the catalog pages and then it visualizes the furniture such as a bed, sofa or dining table. Also, there are sites which show the clothes and its price through their tags.

source: trootech


Jewellery industry has always been a very traditional industry. They have a very selective customer base. But as all the industries are getting technologically advanced, the jewellery industry also needs to get some AR touch. Plushvie developed a software called JewelTry in which you can add your Jewellery and then the customers can try. Also, you can integrate on a website so that they can try before purchasing it can reduce the chance of returning and also increase customer satisfaction. Try JewelTry now. 

source: Plushvie

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