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Augmented Reality relies on Artificial Intelligence

Augmented reality has become more and more powerful with the growing time with the help of Artificial Intelligence in 2021. Artificial Intelligence is a vast field and also has many helpful features that help augmented reality applications to perform much better and give proper and perfect results. 

We will look into apps having augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence which makes things much personalized results.

How artificial intelligence works with Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence are closely related technologies that app developers can combine to make different applications. Augmented reality is like they combine both digital and physical environments. 

AR examples can be like Snapchat, Pokemon Go, which make text, images, videos in real life. 

Artificial intelligence is the use of machine learning, especially computer systems to stimulate human intelligence. AI software tools enable machines to adjust new input also to learn new things and adopt it like human behaviour.

Examples of AI like self-driving cars and chess playing computers are deeply rooted in natural languages so that it can help human beings easily. 

Let’s connect augmented reality apps with artificial intelligence :

Clipboard : 

Clipboard is an augmented reality app which is a combination of AI and AR which provides users with great experience. Clipboard helps the users combine the real world and then go into the digitized world. 

Wonder how it works?

(Source: theverge)

You first have to take a photo of any objects in the real world and then hold your camera to your laptop or something and then it gets pasted in photoshop. Also, it works in powerpoint, pitch, canva etc.Also it cuts out the background where it’s necessary. 

ClipDrop is a cool use of the AR technology and one that is easy to show off. ClipDrop is exactly what AR technology should be used for: making everyday tasks easier.


Threedy is an online shopping AR application that enables you to take 2D pictures into high quality 3D models. One big reason is that it is automated artificial intelligence applications. 

Businesses can integrate this on their website to increase their online sales and also to engage more customers particulars with the furniture and home shopping and also home products.

(Source: Electronic World)

This AR helps retailers to make a 3D image of the product which they intend to buy and also make perfect buying decisions. Also you can take the pictures of the products you intend to buy and then feed into the system.

Speed Shopper 

Speed Shopper is a virtual e-commerce grocery app which helps to make your grocery shopping easy. The motive of this app isoo to make your grocery shopping less hectic and also to get in and out of the grocery store quickly. 

Speed Shopper helps you to pick grocery items near you with the help of augmented reality and also rearranges the list as per the grocery items as per the aisle. Also, in artificial intelligence it helps you to get there using the shortest route possible and also to reach out there soon. 

(Source: forbes)

Also the app helps to make a list using your voice and also you can share your grocery list to roommates and spouses too so that they have to add something. 

YouCam Makeup

(Source: business wire)

YouCam Makeup is an AR enabled photo editor that allows users to smartly place makeup on their faces. It uses AI to learn the shape of your face and the way you wear your makeup so that it appears you’re wearing makeup in your photos.

In this app you can also edit your selfies and photos without alternating anything and also look natural. YouCam Makeup features a wide range of photo editing tools, including blemish removal, retouching, and even teeth whitening. Additionally, it has some lovely enhancement tools like lip art, lip reshape, hairstyle modification, nose enhancement, and more.


SketchAR is an interesting app which helps you to learn how to draw. If you don’t have any drawing skills then learn to draw captivating sketches within minutes. At its very best, SketchAR uses the combined power of AR and AI to put virtual images on walls and floor surfaces. It can also project virtual images on pre-marked surfaces.

(Source: tapsmart)

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