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Augmented Reality in Travel and Tourism

We all know that Augmented Reality is altogether a new trend that has become popular in each and every field. Travel and tourism also is in the league to use the Augmented Reality too. This is primarily because it enables hotels and other businesses operating in this field to enhance the physical environments they are actually trying to encourage customers to visit, including local sights and hotel rooms. 

In travel and tourism customers do lots of research before making reservations so augmented reality helps a lot.  Also, information doesn’t stop until the customer arrives at the destination. Augmented reality helps to serve the information round the clock.

Also adopting augmented reality is not so difficult as the generation uses more smartphones and they always find the way using phones so it’s easy to use this technology.

Augmented reality in travel industry are as follows:

  • Interactive hotel elements :

The most common use of augmented reality in travel and tourism is interactive hotel elements like providing more information and also suggesting customer all over experience. Essentially, this gives hotels, resorts and other similar businesses the ability to provide customers with more information on demand.

For example The Hub Hotel in Premier Inn a british resort made augmented reality compatible  by placing wall maps in the hotel room. So when they scan they come to know about the local places and destinations near them. 


  • Augmented travel destinations:

Some companies in the travel industry have made use of augmented reality and have allowed travellers to enhance physical and tourist attractions near them. This works like they have to point their smartphone towards the building or landmark and they can learn more about it.

For example a user may point towards the restaurant and they can know about the reviews and also the menu and overall experience about the restaurant. Also if they are at some building and they want to know the history they just have to point the smartphone at the building and they can get all the information.


  • Beacon technology and push notifications:

Another use of augmented reality is related to beacon technology which works with the use of bluetooth. This works great in the travel industry because whenever someone enters a specific location it gives them push notifications and all the necessary information related to hotel, restaurants etc.. 

The best use is done by Starwood hotels using beacon technology. The customers can open the door of the hotel room if they are in the proximity of the hotel. Also it’s used to send reviews, maps, menu, special offers or discounts if they are very relevant. 


  • Augmented reality Gamification 

We all know that games and augmented reality have a very old connection and the travel industry is taking benefit of this. The hotel with the use of augmented reality makes fun for their customers by giving them fun in the physical environment. With the use of AR app customers can play different games. 

They can play different games like treasure hunt style elements to hotels with the use of this app. Also some of the hotels make fun for children while making their favourite disney character in front of them using augmented reality. While for adults they let them redecorate the room and also make them comfortable while using this app. 

(digital tourism think tank)

So, with the advancement of technology it seems surprising that the travel industry is also evolving with great speed. 

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